Bordalás: “We don’t have stars and we do have a lot of commitment”

first_imgZidane says that Getafe is ten. How do you rate it?For me it is an example and a reference. He is always grateful to a football man with his experience that values ​​what Getafe is doing.How are Kenedy and Jason?Kenedy still has a problem and is not one hundred percent. Jason has been with gastroenteritis today and we’ll see if he gets to play the game.How is the phenomenon of Getafe explained in the last two decades?It is difficult to give an explanation. There is a person who is the president who started everything and the maximum responsible. He got the team to be in Primera and keep it, to get attention and play in Europe. After a few more irregular years to recover the category everything has been very good moments and we have exceeded expectations. Everything is work. We are a group without big stars and a lot of commitment.Do you have a thorn nailed for not having won Real Madrid?No. We are a small club and the important thing is to add the points we need for our goal. Winning Real Madrid is very difficult. It’s not bad to open the year against Real Madrid.We want to return to the competition and do it against Real Madrid is always attractive. We are excited Is it the best time to measure Real Madrid for its lack of goal?Getafe has earned respect by doing things well and rivals have to do very well to overcome us. Real Madrid has players with scoring ability and can surprise you at any time. They make great transitions and if they have scored less goals in the last few days, it is not because they lack a goal.What can one say to a hobby that has sold out?They will encourage the team as always because they are excited and there is a great complicity between the team and the fans. Receiving a great rival like Real Madrid in the Coliseum is very beautiful and I hope we will be able to make a great game and give them a victory.Can this year end better than the past?I would sign it, but it is not possible. Last season was fantastic. We are not yet in Ecuador and the second laps are very difficult with all the teams playing a lot. The distances are getting smaller and each point costs a lot.What have you asked the Kings for this market?We all have a spirit of children and I have asked, but I carry it in secret. Hopefully it will come true.What can you say about Etebo?It is not yet one hundred percent closed and until it is done I prefer not to comment.Do you sign the tie?It is a saying and faces the game to win. We’ll see how it develops.Would you trade Mata, Molina or Ángel for Benzema?There is no such possibility. For me my players are the best.last_img read more

Dembélé relapses from his injury and will be 15 days off

first_img(MEDICAL RELEASE)During this Monday’s training, @Dembouz You have noticed some discomfort in the right thigh as a result of muscle fatigue. The player will continue with his recovery work– FC Barcelona (@FCBarcelona_en) February 3, 2020In any case, it is an obvious step back in his recovery. So much so that In the club there is already an open talk of at least two more weeks for Dembélé to return to the pitch. That means that the chances of the player being available for the first leg of the Champions League round of 16 against Naples are significantly reduced. The word bad luck and Dembélé seems to go hand in hand since he landed in Barcelona. And the injuries have turned his Blaugrana adventure into a true ordeal. After a disastrous first season, including an operation that kept him off for four months, a second campaign also arrived with a lack of continuity because of his hamstring injuries. In his third year, and when it seemed that he had assumed his role in the team and the need to be more professional in all aspects, a new break in the biceps femral truncated all his hopes.Now, when he seemed to be at the gates of receiving the discharge – the doctors hoped to give it to him on Wednesday to play a few minutes against Athletic in the Cup -, the French striker took a step back in his recovery by feeling some discomfort in the back of his right leg that forced him to withdraw from training, as Marca advanced and then confirmed Barça. The tests ruled out a break, but they did detect an overload resulting from “muscle fatigue”, as indicated by the medical statement sent by the club.last_img read more

Sheriff: “Some think we are going to the slaughterhouse”

first_imgThe Real Sociedad coach, Imanol Alguacil, hopes that his duel in the Copa del Rey quarterfinals against Real Madrid will help them “to grow” and asked not to think about going “to the slaughterhouse” for the great moment he is living his rival, but “convinced” to be able to move to the semifinals.“For both good and bad, it is to grow and this team is growing, but they arrive at their best, I’ve already lost count of how many games they have been without losing and that speaks very well of Real Madrid, “Alguacil said at a press conference, The Gipuzkoan coach made it clear that they are “convinced” that they can pass the tie and that he has “the same responsibility” as Zinédine Zidane. “It is winning and moving to the semifinals. As a player I have never had this possibility and now is the time, it motivates me,” he said.The realistic coach said his team “must show that it is capable” of knocking down the Madrid team. “Not long ago we were able to win there”, he recalled in relation to the victory of just over a year ago, although he clarified that “everything has to be aligned.”“You have to be well tactically, have legs, faith, claw, passion, suffer in the moments when the ball is removed and the details in the areas,” he said, sure that the clash will be “different” than a few years ago. months in LaLiga Santander where they fell 3-1.In addition, he considered that the current streak of Real Madrid “is the merit of the coach, but also of the players.” “Zidane is an important part of what is happening to Real Madrid, but without the players little would have to do”he pointed out.On Martin Odegaard, who will live his second confrontation with the club he owns, the coach of the San Sebastian team sees him “as the same illusion and faith in winning as the rest.” “Everyone is aware of what this game means for them and for the club, that makes me calm,” he said.Finally, after not entering into any kind of arbitration controversy and acknowledging that the Valencian Mateu Lahoz, a collegiate of this Thursday, likes it, confirmed that he has Willian José after his frustrated march in the winter market. “He’s training well and if he hasn’t played it was because Isak is doing well, but it’s fine and quiet, “he settled. The technician ‘txuri-urdin’ recalled that they already knew from the draw that it would be a “difficult” crossing. “But in 32 years we have only been once in the semifinals and now we have the opportunity to be the second with a team that has excited in the first round. By desire and faith it will not be, it is a single game, at best stage and before the best team, which we love most. We are going with all the illusion, “he said.“Someone may think that we are going to the slaughterhouse, but we are always going to win. I am convinced that to them when the draw came they breathed because they had to play at home because if it had been the other way around … That speaks very well of our team, “Alguacil added.last_img read more

Athletic and Real will debut in the Saudi Super Cup

first_imgSuper Cup matchesThe bases of the Super Cup establish that the runner-up of the Copa del Rey must be measured in the semifinals with the League champion. This time, it seems that it will be fulfilled. In fact, it just wouldn’t be like that if there is final ‘sorpasso’ of Real Sociedad or Athletic. In the first edition of the four format, it did not happen. Barcelona had both characteristics, which caused the celebration of a pure draw that matched Real Madrid with Valencia and the Blaugrana team with Atlético de Madrid. If nothing changes, next May 24, date of the 38th day of LaLiga Santander, the pairings will also be known. The Spanish Super Cup, which will be held again next season in Final Four format and in Saudi Arabia, is taking shape. In fact, the four teams that will play it are practically known. For the moment, the presence of Athletic Club de Bilbao and Real Sociedad is assured as Cup finalists. Both will be released, since the last edition was composed of Real Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Valencia and Atlético de Madrid.In addition to the two Basque teams, The participation of Real Madrid and Barcelona as champion and runner-up is not far from closed (order to be defined) from LaLiga Santander. To avoid this, the persecutors should cut a significant distance from here to the end of the domestic national championship. Seville (46 points) it is the best placed, although it must cut the nine of advantage that Barcelona has in the remaining 12 days.Even so, there could still be several circumstances that would change the course of the Super Cup. The first is that Madrid or Barcelona lost their place because they were overtaken by another team. In that case, such a club would be the one that would travel to Saudi Arabia. It could also be that Real society, sixth of the table, made a perfect final straight and finished as leader or second of LaLiga Santander. In that case, the place of the winter tournament would go to third place in the First Division. The same would happen in the case that it was Athletic who fought to win the League.The possibilities are remote, but mathematically there is still the option that Athletic and Real Sociedad finish as first and second of the championship domestic national. In that strange assumption, they would go to the Supercopa of Arabia next to the third and fourth classified of LaLiga. Be that as it may, more than two months before the end of the season, it seems complicated that the two Basques are not accompanied by Real Madrid and Barcelona in the new format promoted by Luis Rubiales.JESUS ​​ALVAREZ ORIHUELA & nbsp; (DAILY AS) ‘); return false; “class =” item-multimedia “>Real Madrid emerged victorious from the first Spanish Super Cup.JESUS ​​ALVAREZ ORIHUELA (DIARIO AS) Immunity in the Copa del ReyThe fact of playing the Spanish Super Cup gives the four participants an advantage in the Cup. And is that they will be exempt until the sixteenth of the final or, what is the same, two rounds will be saved, in which the First Division teams measure themselves to clubs of Third and Second B. Anyway, it is a poisoned gift. This season, the four of Arabia were surprised by the trap of the single party, unlike their rivals, already accustomed. Moreover, neither Valencia, nor Atlético, nor Real Madrid nor Barcelona reached the semifinals of the KO tournament.JESUS ​​ALVAREZ ORIHUELA & nbsp; (DAILY AS) ‘); return false; “class =” item-multimedia “>Rubiales, the great driver of the new Super Cup format.JESUS ​​ALVAREZ ORIHUELA (DIARIO AS)center_img The elections to the Federation and the Super CupThe new Super Cup format has been questioned by many, not so much for the Final Four, but for the fact that it is disputed in Saudi Arabia. Luis Rubiales, as president of the Royal Spanish Football Federation, signed a large contract worth 40 million euros per year (Not all the money goes to the clubs, nor does the four charge the same) and three guaranteed editions. With the RFEF elections on the horizon, it is unknown what Iker Casillas would do with this competition in case he was victorious.Anyway, the contract is signed and it seems complicated that it can be broken by the change of mandate. However, if Rubiales finally defeats his rival and others who may appear (Antonio Torres has already pronounced his intention) the continuity of the format and the headquarters is fully guaranteed. Be that as it may, Real Sociedad and Athletic already have the certainty of being able to fight the first title in Spain next season.A first edition with the greatsValencia, Barcelona, ​​Real Madrid and Atlético de Madrid, as great powers of national football, were the participants of the first edition of the Spanish Super Cup in the Final Four format. While the competition bases make it the strongest to participate in the Saudi Arabian tournament, the great Cup made by Real Sociedad and Athletic gives them a place. Now, they will have a great opportunity, not only at the sports level, but also when it comes to showing their values ​​and philosophy internationally. Also for economic income.last_img read more

The English press, against Cholo: “A villain of pantomime”

first_imgSimeone is a pantomime villain, looks like the protagonist of a South American gangster movie, and is just as ruthless. “ Atlético de Madrid achieved a result for history on Wednesday. The rojiblancos eliminated the European champion and the best team in the season’s contingent, Liverpool, after prevailing 2-3 in the overtime of the second round of the second leg. The people of Madrid raised the wall, impossible to sustain without Jan Oblak, and they killed the reds on the counterattack after enduring a true siege of the Klopp ones.The plan was designed, in collaboration with its staff, by a Cholo Simeone who inspired his own and who also knew how to control ‘the other football’. Thus, after the defeat and subsequent elimination of the Merseyside, Daily Mail journalist Dominic King left several observations on the behavior of the Argentine coach in the band. “When Simeone wanted to drive fans crazy in the Metropolitan you could see him yelling” Come on! “But yesterday he changed his mantra to” Slow down! “Simeone was not going to apologize for asking for less speed in every action. Dressed from head to toe in black, Simeone is a pantomime villain, looking like the protagonist of a South American gangster movie and he is just as ruthless, “writes King, who claims that Simeone wanted to win” civilly or criminally. “ Dominic King, journalist for the Daily Mailcenter_img “Simeone does not want to make friends or win fans, he is determined to achieve results and he puts more energy into games now than when he was a player, a stage in which he already had few scruples, “says the journalist British who affirms, in turn, that Liverpool “was concerned about Atlético’s dark arts and that it had prepared itself not to fall into its traps”.“You know (Atlético) like making the game as messy as possible but concentrating on that would only do Simeone’s good players a disservice “, sentence questioning the coach’s methods. Losses of time in service and stopped balls or protests in which “the referee was surrounded by more than five players” were the “dark arts” King did not like.Some room for praiseNot everything that Atlético did at Anfield displeased Dominic King. The journalist praised the meeting between Stefan Savic and Felipe, whom he described as “indefatigable” and compared with “human magnets that attracted and cleared the ball.” He also gave Thomas an “outstanding”.“The coach did not celebrate Llorente’s first goal, but the second, when he ran around the band smiling for the first time. There is a reason for him to be paid a fortune. It is because nights like this always make a difference,” says King.last_img read more

Álex’s eleven goals have given Cádiz 13 points

first_imgÁlex is a capital player for Cádiz. The leader of the yellow team He is completing his best scoring season since being a professional, with eleven goals with eleven days to go before the end of the championship. His previous best record was achieved last season in which he scored six. In addition to being the top scorer for the yellows, his goals have been essential for Cádiz to continue at the top of the table. Its eleven goals have allowed the people of Cadiz to add 13 more points. Data that shows the importance of the midfielder. Against Mirandés, Extremadura, Racing and Sporting, in the first round, he helped the team add four victories with five goals (before the Asturians he made a double). In the second round, his ‘arrows’ served to beat Las Palmas and Almería; and to get a very important point against Zaragoza on matchday 26. 5Girona0 In total 13 more points without which Cadiz would be well below first place. This season Álex has played almost everything. Only 62 minutes lost, in the intersemanal meeting of the first round in Alcorcón. His versatility makes him unique in the Cervera team. He is more comfortable playing ahead of the double pivot, but he has also had minutes this season as a midfielder. when José Mari or Garrido were absent, (both fixed in this position) and from here he has demonstrated all his qualities in the distribution of the ball.Cádiz is the leader of Segunda in centers in the area with 752; and Álex stands out in this facet, with 197 (the first of his team and the fourth of LaLigaSmartBank. Also, his electric dribble has led rivals to stop him with fouls 66 times (the one in Cádiz and the fifth in Segunda). 4Racingtwo 30Almeriatwo twoMirandatwo The incidence of their goals Having gone through several teams throughout his career, Álex has found his place in Cádiz and declares his love for the club and for the city whenever he has occasion. After the last game at Carranza, against Almería, (in which he scored a goal) he posted a message on his Twitter account with the following message: “How beautiful is my Cádiz, how beautiful is my city … ! ”center_img Working dayRivalPoints it gives 27Las palmastwo 3Estremaduratwo 26Saragossaone 14Sportingtwo 12Las palmas0 twentyOviedo0last_img read more

Rubiales: “No matter how many losses there are, we will recover them”

first_imgLuis Rubiales has given an interview on the Cuatro Todo es Mentira program to give his vision on the resumption of football, the coronavirus crisis and the proposal by Iker Casillas to shift the calendar to a calendar year to balance the change in dates that the 2022 Qatar World Cup will bring. The president of the RFEF defends the end of the season, at any time, and denied that Ceferin has marked August 3 as the deadline.Petition to LaLiga: “First of all, I join in the condolences for Pep Guardiola’s mother. Going into the matter, I want to divide soccer into two large blocks: the thousand licenses for professional soccer and the more than one million licenses under the responsibility of the RFEF. The economic measures of First and Second fall on LaLiga. To the humble clubs, of Second B, Third, Women’s Soccer … We have guaranteed one hundred percent subsidies and a line of credit. We have proposed the same to LaLiga a macro credit that allows you to get out of this so there are no ERTES. Unfortunately, this request has not been met. “ Health and money: “It is important to see that there are two points of view: to return at all costs as soon as possible and that of the RFEF which is to return when it is possible to return, when the health of all is guaranteed. The Federation suspended the competitions before the state and we create a monitoring commission. No matter how large the losses are, in this industry we will recover them in the long term. Health cannot be recovered. “Iker Casillas’ proposal: “We have taken our own proposal. Ceferin has not set a deadline of August 3. When the administration allows it, we will finish the competition, it is fair that everyone faces each other. Playing in the summer is an extraordinary solution, with very high temperatures. It should not be a solution that we have to consider as the first “.last_img read more

Thompson clocks fast 60m in Glasgow

first_imgJamaican sprinter Elaine Thompson clocked 7.14 seconds for third place in the women’s 60m heat at the Glasgow Indoors Grand Prix at the Emirates Arena a short while ago. Thompson, who finished second in the 200m at the World Championships in Beijing last August, crossed the line behind world 200m champion Dafne Schippers (Netherlands), who clocked 7.11 and Trinidadian Michelle – Lee Ahye (7.14). The result means that Thompson is now the fastest Jamaican over the distance so far this season. The final takes place at 9:32am Jamaica time.last_img


first_imgBOURNEMOUTH (4-4-1-1)BORUC,FRANCIS, ELPHICK, COOK, DANIELS,RICTHIE, SURMAN, GOSLING, GRADEL,STANISLAS,KINGCOSTA,PEDRO, LOFTUS-CHEEK, WILLIAN,MIKEL, FABREGAS,BABA, IVANOVIC, CAHILL, AZPILICUETA,BEGOVICCHELSEA (4-2-3-1)Chelsea have more points and wins on the road than at Stamford Bridge and arrive at a ground where the Cherries have conceded 29 goals; only relegated Aston Villa (31) have conceded more goals at home. Bournemouth have the upper hand over Chelsea in league games. Overall, the teams have met three times and Bournemouth have won twice, the second victory coming at home in the old Second Division, in September 1988.VILLA (4-4-1-1)GUZAN,HUTTON, LESCOTT, CLARK, CISSOKHO,SINCLAIR, BACUNA, WESTWOOD, RICHARDSON,GANA,AYEWPELLE, LONG,MANE, CLASIE, TADIC,WANYAMA,BERTRAND, VAN DIJK, FONTE, MARTINA,FORSTERSOUTHAMPTON (4-1-3-2)Aston Villa were relegated last weekend the earliest from the Premier League since Portsmouth left with five games to go in 2009-10. They have won just two home league games all season and have two remaining; the club record fewest home victories is four – in the 2011-12 season – so they can equal that at best. After this game their remaining home fixture is against Newcastle.LIVERPOOL (4-3-3)MIGNOLET,CLYNE, SKRTEL, TOURE, MORENO,STEWART, ALLEN,MILNER,OJO, STURRIDGE,FIRMINOCISSE,SISSOKO, WIJNALDUM, TOWNSEND,COLBACK, TIOTE,DUMMETT, LASCELLED, MBEMBA, ANITA,DARLOWNEWCASTLE (4-2-3-1)Liverpool beat Everton 4-0 on Wednesday and have a good record against Newcastle, who last won at Anfield in April 1994. Newcastle are still in the relegation zone despite taking a point off Manchester City on Tuesday. Since their last win at Liverpool, they have lost 18 and drawn two. Indeed, in the last 11, they have lost 10.last_img read more

WATA CUMI Come Run targets $5m

first_imgMONTEGO BAY:The Committee for the Upliftment of the Mentally Ill (CUMI) is targeting $5 million at this year’s annual WATA CUMI Come Run, which takes place on Saturday at the Tryall Club.The charity 5K/10K, which will be powered by WATA, is the major fundraising activity to bolster the CUMI Trust, which assists in the rehabilitation of mentally ill persons in St James and its environs.Co-founder of CUMI, nurse Joy Crooks, is appealing to citizens to support the charity event as the committee aims to meet its goals.”For the past 24 years, CUMI has given its services, including medication, free of cost to persons with mental illness. We are happy to be able to host the event for the seventh year and are grateful for the support thus far. Each year, the Come Run plays a very important role in the sustenance of CUMI, and each dollar donated pays the monthly expenses to keep our doors open,” Crooks said.The donation for participating in the WATA Come Run is $4,500 and includes a signature Tryallbreakfast. Interested persons may visit the Running Events website at to sign up and the CUMI website ( for more information on the race and about the organisation.Since 1990, CUMI has rehabilitated thousands of mentally ill persons through strategic partnerships with community clinics, the regional psychiatric department and Type-V health centre and faith-based organisations in the Second City.CUMI’s Rehabilitation Day Centre, which was opened 14 years ago, aims to restructure the lives of persons living with mental illness by framing day-to-day activities in the hope of teaching them to regain a rhythm of life as they learn how to cope with managing their mental-health challenges.CUMI’s vision, added Crooks, is to “rehabilitate the individual and reunite them in the community with families, friends and, if at all possible, as productive individuals who can contribute to their own sustainability”.The run will be managed by Running Events and begins promptly at 7 a.m.last_img read more