Grande Prairie RCMP lay charges following investigation

first_imgForcible confinementSexual assaultAdminister noxious substanceAssault with a weaponUttering threats against person  x 2Unauthorized possession of a firearm x 2Possession of a prohibited or restricted firearm with ammunitionTrafficking Cocaine27-year-old Matthew Robert Best of Grande Prairie is facing the following charges:Forcible confinementSexual assaultAdminister noxious substanceAssault with a weaponUttering threats against person  x 2Unauthorized possession of a firearm x 2Trafficking CocaineFail to comply with recognizance x 5Possession of Prohibited or Restricted Firearm with Ammunition31-year-old Robert Wade Stewart of Grande Prairie is facing the following charges:Unauthorized possession of a firearm x 2Possession of a prohibited or restricted firearm with ammunitionTrafficking cocaineFail to comply with recognizance x 4Possession of cocaineBest and Forrest remain in custody and are scheduled to appear at Grande Prairie Provincial Court on April 15, 2019.Stewart has been released on his own recognizance and is scheduled to appear in Grande Prairie Provincial Court on April 24, 2019.The matter is before the courts, and no further information will be released. GRANDE PRAIRIE, A.B. – The Grande Prairie RCMP General Investigation Section, along with the assistance of ALERT, RCMP Police Dog Services, and Grande Prairie General Duty members made arrests on three males, on March 22, in relation to a sexual assault and forcible confinement investigation.According to Police, drugs and a firearm were located during the arrests.30-year-old Garrett Kenneth Forrest of Grande Prairie is facing the following charges:last_img read more

New UN report highlights challenges to ensuring food security in TimorLeste

16 December 2008Timor-Leste faces a number of challenges in its quest to ensure that all of its citizens have access to adequate food, such as poor infrastructure connecting villages to local markets, according to a new report by the United Nations mission in the country, known as UNMIT. The report on the right to food, launched today by UNMIT’s Human Rights and Transitional Justice Section, also cites challenges in the areas of pre- and post-harvest handling, transportation, and knowledge on nutrition. It examines the various efforts made by the Government, members of the international community and civil society to help realize the right to food, which the UN says is achieved when every man, woman and child has the physical and economic access at all times to adequate food or means for its procurement. “When most people think of human rights, they think of civil or political rights. What they don’t realise is that the right to food is a basic human right enshrined in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and is also one of the key pillars for a sustainable nation,” said UNMIT’s Human Rights and Transitional Justice Section Chief, Louis Gentile. “The right to food in this sense does not mean an entitlement to food. What it means it that every person has the right to have access to the means necessary to provide for themselves and their families,” he added. “Food security,” explained Joan Fleuren, Representative of the UN World Food Programme (WFP), “can only be reached when all the three main aspects of food security (availability, accessibility and nutrition) are adequately addressed.” Mr. Gentile also welcomed the recent Government decision to propose an increase in the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries budget for 2009 as well as making food security and rural development national priorities for 2009. “If effective measures are made to compliment the Government’s decisions, this would mean that Timor-Leste will be on its way to fulfilling the right to food for all its citizens, particularly for the most vulnerable.” read more

3DS Circle Pad peripheral battery life is 480 hours

first_imgBack in August we heard a rumor that ended up being true, that the 3DS was set to get a right analog stick attachment for around $10. The reason was to support games that benefit from having two sticks. Why Nintendo didn’t ship the 3DS with two sticks as standard we’ll never know.What you may not have realized is the stick peripheral, thought to be called the Circle Pad Pro or Slide Pad, requires power in the form of a single AAA battery. So as well as recharging your 3DS battery, you also need to keep a supply of AAA batteries on hand for the peripheral. The need for another battery isn’t as big of a frustration as it sounds when you hear how long the battery life is for the Circle Pad Pro.The peripheral isn’t meant to hit store shelves in Japan until tomorrow, but a few have been picked up early. According to the manual included in the packaging, the estimated battery life is 480 hours. In other words, it really isn’t going to be a hassle. One pack of AAA batteries may last the lifetime of your 3DS unless you’re a really heavy user.Such a long battery life looks to be a blessing. If you check out the image of the peripheral above, it appears you need a screwdriver in order to get the battery cover open. I’m also a bit taken aback as to how big and clunky the clip-on plastic housing looks. You certainly won’t be fitting your 3DS in a standard case once this is attached.via Andriasanglast_img read more

You had to walk through a pub to get to your room

first_img Speaking in the Dáil last week, People Before Profit TD Richard Boyd Barrett raised the cases of families and individuals affected by homelessness in the south Dublin area. Each day this week, speaks to some of the people whose lives are in turmoil as a result of Ireland’s homelessness crisis.SINÉAD* IS A 30-year-old single mother living in a hotel room with her daughter in south Dublin.Sinéad became homeless last month. Her old apartment is being converted into a coffee shop and she was unable to find an affordable place to rent.When she learnt she was going to become homeless, Sinéad tried to pre-register with her local council (Dun Laoghaire Rathdown County Council) as homeless, but was told she needed to be actually out of her home before they could help her.“That’s not good enough, they should have something in place for someone that’s becoming homeless,” Sinéad tells she lost her home, Sinéad again went to the DLRCC offices and registered as homeless. The 29-year-old grew up in the Dun Laoghaire area, but says she was only given the choice to move into a hostel with her daughter in the city centre.“I got very panicky and very nervous at this point,” she says.“When you’re from a certain area and you’re not used to a certain way of life, it’s hard to be put into that environment.I left there fairly upset and in fear of what was going to happen, thinking I’d rather sleep in my car or on the road than go into Dublin.Hostel to hotelSinéad wanted to examine the accommodation before she moved her daughter (who is four) in with her. But when she got to the hostel in town, she immediately wanted to leave.“You had to walk through a pub to get to your room,” she says.“And just the smell of drink and drugs throughout the place was just disgusting. I opened the window and took pictures. There were needles outside thrown on the window ledge and everything.So at this stage I started to have panic attacks. I’d never had them before in my life. I got very depressed and I didn’t want to go back near the council.She says that at this point she approached PBP TD Richard Boyd Barrett and he told her what she was entitled to and started to help with her dealings with the council.Eventually she was offered a place for her and her daughter in a hotel in south Dublin, where she is currently living.“Before all that, I had to get a medical report to say that I had a panic attack and stuff like that as well,” she says.And I had to get a letter off the doctor to say that my daughter couldn’t be put in a damp environment because she had asthma.Sinéad says that she would have not been able to stay at the city centre hostel with her daughter, adding there was drug use going on and she would have preferred to sleep in her car where she would have felt safer.“I’m from a run-down area in Dun Laoghaire… I grew up with all that [drug use] around me in 1997 – there’s no way my daughter is going to be looking at the same in 2017.I’d rather look at the inside of a tent or a car than deal with that Image: Shutterstock/Trong Nguyen 24,836 Views By Cormac Fitzgerald UnsureSinéad was originally given two weeks to stay at the hotel. But last week on the day she was due to leave, she says she managed to fight for an extra month.She says she is unsure what will happen after that. She says the hotel is clean and the staff are friendly, but that not knowing what’s going to happen is a constant worry.There are no cooking or clothes washing facilities in the hotel, but Sinead says she is lucky that her mother lives relatively close by.“I’m better now because of where I am, I feel safe. But every day, you’re counting down the days until you’ve to be moved out of where you are,” she says.Every day you’re counting down and it gets a little bit harder, and harder.Sinéad used to work regularly as a tutor for children with autism. She has also worked as a carer for the elderly.She wants to get back to work to be able to pay for her own place to live, but finds it impossible with her daughter only in pre-school. She spends her days trying to arrange viewings for homes to be paid for out of the Housing Assistance Payment (HAP).But she says it’s impossible to find anywhere to live with the huge demand for places in the area.“I’m at a viewing every day of the week and they’re not even acknowledging me,” she says.There are 70 to 80 people at every viewing. It’s like a bidding war out there.She thinks more joined-up thinking is needed at DLRCC and from government.Sending her into Dublin city when her base is in Dun Laoghaire – with her mother’s house (where she can spend time and do her washing and cooking) and her daughter’s creche close by – doesn’t make any sense, she says.“They wanted me to get two busses from town to school with her in the morning.They think this is logic. Then I’ve to pay for breakfast, lunch, dinner and then bus fare back and forth.She says it was important for Boyd Barrett to raise her story and the stories of other families in the Dáil, and that more needed to be done to highlight what people are going through.She notes that she works hard to protect her daughter from the reality of what’s going on, but that it’s hard for both of them.“With the situation going on now [my daughter] is nervous because we have no home. She doesn’t know whether we’re coming or going,” she says.She says for now, all she can do is continue to look for a place to live that will accept her and her daughter and try to stay as positive as she can.“At the end of one day I just sat down and laughed because I was about the break.I was about to break and snap so I just laughed.*Sinead’s full name hasn’t been used in order to protect her and her daughter’s identities.Read: After 22 months living in a hotel with her daughter, Erica Fleming has moved into her new homeRead: ‘I just wanted a bed, I was sleeping on my mam’s sofa’: Living with homelessness ‘You had to walk through a pub to get to your room, the smell of drink and drugs was disgusting’ Each day this week, will highlight the cases of people affected by homelessness. Tweet thisShare on FacebookEmail this articlecenter_img Image: Shutterstock/Trong Nguyen Apr 17th 2017, 6:00 AM 56 Comments Monday 17 Apr 2017, 6:00 AM Short URL Share Tweet Email1 last_img read more

Golden Dawn party to stand trial on April 20

first_img Facebook Twitter: @NeosKosmos Instagram Senior members of Greece’s far-right Golden Dawn party will stand trial on April 20 after spending almost 18 months in detention waiting for their case to be heard, court officials said this week.Party leader Mihaloliakos and more than a dozen top figures in Golden Dawn were arrested on charges of founding and participating in a criminal organisation following the killing of an anti-fascism rapper in 2013 by a party supporter.The party denies the allegations and says the defendants are victims of a political witch-hunt. If found guilty, they face up to 20 years in prison.The stabbing shocked Greece and triggered nationwide protests leading to a government-led crackdown on the party, which entered parliament for the first time in 2012 as it tapped into voter anger over the collapsing economy.Under Greek law, suspects can only be held for 18 months before a case comes to court. As a result, Mihaloliakos and senior lawmaker Christos Pappas are due to be released from detention in the coming weeks, ahead of their trial.A total of 70 people will face trial, including all of the 16 lawmakers Golden Dawn had in the previous parliament, which was dissolved for a Jan. 25 snap election.Thirteen of the lawmakers were re-elected, including Mihaloliakos and Pappas, along with four new members, making Golden Dawn the joint third largest party in parliament. Source: Reuterslast_img read more

Councils unite to campaign for pokies reform

first_img Facebook Twitter: @NeosKosmos Instagram Mayors from five councils across Melbourne united on Tuesday morning to publicly launch the ‘Alliance for Gambling Reform’.Moreland mayor John Kavanagh, Whittlesea mayor Kris Pavlidis, Darebin mayor Kim le Cerf, Wyndham mayor Peter Maynard and Yarra acting mayor Misha Coleman gathered at 11.00 am and revealed a banner that declared ‘Councils Unite for Pokies Reform’. A number of councillors from other districts were also in attendance, and encouraged to play a role in the reform.The Alliance was formed in a bid to make the fight against pokies a united one.It proposes the following reforms:Maximum $1 bets as recommended by the Productivity Commission and supported by Coles;Reducing maximum venue operating hours from 20 a day to 14;reducing the maximum daily cash withdrawal from $500 to $200;Strengthening the duty of care for venues and staff to prevent customer harm;Maintaining the 50-50 split between clubs and pubs and retiring surplus club entitlements.With the state election closing in, now only four months away, the Alliance director and spokesman Tim Costello gave thanks for the unparalleled support given from the leaders of Victoria’s Local Governments against gambling.“Councils such as Moreland, Darebin, Whittlesea, Yarra and Wyndham are at the coal face of gambling harm and I sincerely welcome the commitment of their mayors to the cause of fixing this blight on Australian society,” Mr Costello said.“[A] record 18 Victorian councils have signed up to financially support The Alliance in 2018-19, up from 12 in 2016-17, and we are all committed to ensuring the next election delivers real reform.”Moreland mayor John Kavanagh also echoed Mr Costello’s sentiment.“Our councils are dealing with the dire consequences of pokies. As community leaders we are standing together to make sure pokies reform is a key state election issue,” he said.Mr Costello vocalised that it was about time the Victorian Parliament revisit the 2017 pokies legislation, which had had a reverse effect, allowing a 6 per cent jump in poker machine losses since December 2017.This Friday the annual venue loss figures will be released, but Mr Costello said that he already knows that after 11 months, 2017-18 will hold the biggest jump in Victorian pokies losses in a decade.He went on to enforce the significance of the Alliance.“We need urgent reform to prevent the needless suicides, family violence, bankruptcy and fraud which flows when $2.7 billion a year is ripped from the community through addictive poker machines in 470 suburban pubs and clubs,” he said.“Australians suffer the greatest per capita gambling losses of any people on earth and we are not going to tolerate national annual gambling losses of $25 billion a year anymore, including $13 billion lost on poker machines.”The Alliance for 2018-19 includes the councils of Banyule, Brimbank, Darebin, Glen Eira, Greater Dandenong, Hobsons Bay, Kingston, Knox, Maribyrnong, Melbourne, Mitchell, Monash, Moreland, Mornington Peninsula, Moreland, Whittlesea, Wyndham and Yarra.last_img read more

Hadopi plus de 470000 courriels davertissement envoyés

first_imgHadopi : plus de 470.000 courriels d’avertissement envoyésLa Haute Autorité pour la diffusion des oeuvres et la protection des droits sur Internet (Hadopi) a réalisé hier lors d’une réunion publique, un bilan de sa “riposte graduée” qui vise à lutter contre le téléchargement illégal. Elle a confié avoir contacté à ce jour environ 470.878 personnes dans un premier e-mail d’avertissement.Après neuf mois de travail, l’Hadopi nous dévoile quelques chiffres sur son activité. “Nous ne disposons pas encore du temps suffisant pour examiner toutes les conséquences du dispositif, mais nous avons déjà un recul suffisant”, a souligné Mireille Imbert-Quaretta, responsable de la Commission de protection des droits de l’Autorité, citée par Le Monde. La Haute Autorité, qui veut lutter contre le téléchargement illégal et emploie à ce jour une soixantaine de personnes, confie ainsi avoir envoyé 470.878 recommandations, comme premier avertissement. En décembre 2010, 100.000 avertissements avaient été envoyés aux abonnés. Et en juin, Le Figaro évoquait le chiffre de 400.000 messages d’avertissement.Concernant le second avertissement en cas de récidive, qui se fait via un courrier avec accusé de réception, 20.598 lettres ont été envoyées. L’Hadopi précise envoyer environ 5.000 courriels par jour.18 millions de constats d’infractionPourtant, ces chiffres sont bien loin du nombre de constats envoyés par les ayants-droit en passant par la société TMG, qui traque les réseaux peer-to-peer (P2P). Car au total, l’Hadopi a reçu plus de 18 millions de constats d’infraction. Après avoir demandé aux fournisseurs d’accès à Internet près d’un million d’identifications, 902.970 adresses IP d’internautes soupçonnés de piratage ont finalement été identifiées. Comment expliquer ce fossé ? “Tous les constats ne peuvent pas être traités, parce que le système d’information est un prototype, et ne permet pas de décrypter l’ensemble des saisines des ayants droit”, a expliqué au Monde la responsable de la commission de protection des droits.Coupure de l’Internet et 1.500 euros d’amendeA ce jour, une “dizaine” d’internautes ont reçu le troisième et dernier avertissement, a affirmé la Haute Autorité. L’Hadopi leur proposera systématiquement de venir s’expliquer dans ses bureaux à Paris, mais à leur frais, précise L’Expansion. Les personnes qui téléchargent beaucoup de fichiers (musique, vidéos, films…) sur plusieurs logiciels seront les plus susceptibles de voir leur dossier transmis au Parquet. Lorsque celui-ci est transmis à la justice, le procureur peut décider de se saisir du dossier ou de déclarer la relaxe. Les internautes qui seront condamnés devront s’acquitter d’une amende maximum de 1.500 euros et sont menacés d’une coupure de leur connexion Internet. Mais Mireille Imbert-Quaretta explique que la commission compte “prendre tout son temps” et assure que chaque dossier sera étudié minutieusement.Un dispositif dissuasif ?À lire aussiHadopi : le budget revu à la baisse ?Difficile, à ce stade, de savoir quelle est l’efficacité du dispositif. Beaucoup d’internautes passent à travers les mailles du filet : ne savent-ils pas sécuriser leur connexion Internet ou bien Hadopi ne parvient-elle pas à les dissuader de télécharger illégalement ? Mireille Imbert-Quaretta a ressorti la dernière étude d’opinion réalisée pour l’Hadopi, réalisée en janvier dernier, selon laquelle 49% des internautes consomment illégalement de contenus culturels sur Internet, et 41% des internautes changent leurs habitudes de consommation du fait de la loi Hadopi. Pour Mireille Imbert-Quaretta, “logiquement, on devrait avoir de moins en moins de saisines car les premières études laissent à penser que la procédure n’est pas sans effet”.Et pour revendiquer le caractère pédagogique de la réponse graduée et l’efficacité du dispositif, la Haute Autorité met également en avant l’écart entre le nombre de personnes concernées par le premier puis le deuxième avertissement, et enfin la troisième, rapporte ZDNet.Cependant un point important a été occulté par Mireille Imbert-Quaretta. Les internautes qui ont peur d’être identifiés comme des pirates par l’Hadopi ont pu se tourner vers les offres légales. Mais celles-ci sont jugées encore trop chères. Si une évolution des usages est constatée, quid du streaming et du téléchargement direct ? Rien n’indique à ce jour que les internautes n’ont pas changé d’outil, passant du P2P au streaming ou au téléchargement direct sur des sites comme Megaupload ou Rapidshare, qui eux ne sont pas surveillés par l’Hadopi mais restent néanmoins illégaux. Le 12 juillet 2011 à 12:09 • Maxime Lambertlast_img read more

Teen held in Texas attack is said to have used fathers guns

first_imgSANTA FE, Texas — The Texas student charged in the school shooting at Santa Fe High School posted an image on Facebook of himself wearing a “Born to Kill” shirt and used his father’s shotgun and pistol in the attack that left 10 dead and 10 wounded, authorities said Friday. A motive wasn’t immediately clear for the nation’s deadliest attack since February.The suspect, 17-year-old Dimitrios Pagourtzis, was held without bond in the Galveston County jail on charges of capital murder, said the county sheriff, Henry Trochesset. Gov. Greg Abbott said both weapons were owned legally by the suspect’s father.It was not clear whether the father knew his son had taken them. Authorities urged parents nationwide to lock away their guns to keep them away from children.Abbot said at a news conference that “unlike Parkland, unlike Sutherland Springs, there were not those types of warning signs.” He was referring to the Feb. 14 school shooting in Florida and one in November inside a church in a town near San Antonio. Abbott said the early investigation showed no prior criminal history for Pagourtzis — no arrests and no confrontations with law enforcement.“The red-flag warnings were either nonexistent or very imperceptible,” Abbott said, though he acknowledged Pagourtzis had recently posted a picture of a T-shirt reading “Born to Kill” on his Facebook page.last_img read more

Publishing Powerhouses Show Some Positive Advertising Results

first_imgWhile consumer magazine publishers are still struggling against the dramatic pullback in traditional print advertising revenues, there were some signs of hope during the first quarter. Although their overall ad pages were down for the period, consumer powerhouses Hearst and Condé Nast—which publish a combined 32 print titles—were down significantly less than the industry average of 9.4 percent, according to the Publishers Information Bureau.Across Hearst’s 14 titles (not including Food Network Magazine, which wasn’t publishing during the first quarter 2009), the company reported a total of  2,856.01 advertising pages through the first three months this year. That represents a loss of roughly 4 percent compared to 2,977.8 during the same period last year. (These numbers include SmartMoney, which Hearst owned a 50 percent stake but sold it to Dow Jones in early March.)Some of Hearst’s big ad page gainers during the period include Marie Claire (+19.4 percent to 257.11 pages) and Popular Mechanics (+17.4 percent to 133.97 pages). The biggest losses came from Veranda (-45.3 percent to 70.24 pages), Country Living (-30.9 percent to 119.58 pages) and House Beautiful (-19.6 percent to 86.64 pages). Food Network Magazine, which launched in November 2008, reported 115.52 ad pages through the first quarter 2010.Meanwhile, Condé Nast’s 17 magazines (not including the four it closed late last year) racked up a total of 4,379.53 ad pages during the first three months this year, down approximately 6 percent from 4,662.52 pages last year. Some big wins this year so far come from Teen Vogue (+24.2 percent to 149.20 pages), Lucky (+16.9 percent to 238.03 pages) and Wired (+11.2 percent to 125.77 pages).Conde Nast’s fashion title W—which recently reorganized and has new top editor—reported a 22.6 percent decline to 250.98 pages during the first quarter. It was followed by Golf World (-19.2 percent to 228.64 pages) and Brides (-15.8 percent to 819.74 ad pages).Maybe it’s naive to say, but I wouldn’t be surprised if overall consumer ad pages do even better over the next three months.last_img read more

4K Ultra HD isnt just a resolution bump its a complete visual

first_imgWe’ve reached a point where you can no longer walk into a store and purchase a non-HD TV. That’s a good thing. HD is now prevalent and cheap, and we can all enjoy Blu-ray quality movies and video streams. But at the same time, the TV industry has moved on and is now pushing 4K hardware alongside 4K UHD Blu-ray content–something that has only just started appearing on the shelves.When people hear the word “4K” or “UHD” they instantly think “higher resolution.” But as Techmoan rightly points out in the video below, 4K video is much more than just a resolution bump, and it’s important people realize what opting for a 4K-capable TV and 4K Blu-ray content unlocks.4K is a higher resolution. Where as standard Blu-ray offers a 1920 x 1080 image, 4K increases that to 3840 x 2160 and you do need a larger display to appreciate it fully. However, 4K offers another, arguably more important improvement: color. That comes in the form of both increased color depth and high dynamic range (HDR).Combining more colors and using HDR to reproduce a greater dynamic range of luminosity means the resulting image output is much closer to what our eyes experience when viewing real life scenes. So basically, 4K content on a 4K display looks more real. It’s a complete visual upgrade from standard HD.It’s hard to get this across without actually experiencing 4K content first-hand, but Techmoan does a very good job of showing you the color difference between HD and 4K:If you have a surround sound setup you’ll also benefit from improved sound, but for many that’s a secondary consideration and always something you can think about adding later.There’s no rush to upgrade to 4K. It’s still very early days, with TV and Ultra HD Blu-ray player prices remaining high and 4K content currently quite limited. But in a year or two it will be the obvious choice to make if selecting a new TV, especially as manufacturers continue to improve their 4K displays.H/T Sploidlast_img read more

Malice at the Palace on Ice Junior league hockey player climbed into

first_imgCanadians take their hockey seriously, at all levels.  This point was made perfectly clear during a recent Canadian junior hockey playoff clash between the Southern Sting and Grand Lake Moose turned into Fight Club.While confined to the penalty one of the Grand Moose players took exception to chants from some mouthy Sting fans and climbed into the stands to crack some skulls.The brawl quickly turned the hockey game into the Malice at the Palace on ice.Again, this is JUNIOR hockey. These little hockey thugs are scary like the Children of the Corn.Junior hockey in New Brunswick is out of control— Gino Hard (@Ginohard_) March 5, 2017h/t For the Winlast_img

Update Scene of truck fire cleared

first_imgWebsiteWebsiteWebsite WebsiteWebsiteWebsite WebsiteWebsiteWebsite The scene of the truck fire from earlier today (May 16) has been cleared.Traffic flow has returned to normal.It is believed that the tyres of the truck caught alight first and then the flames spread.Emergency services were on scene and extinguished the blaze.Initial story:Truck catches on fire along Van Reenen’s PassAlso read:Critical injuries in crash along Helpmekaar RoadNo injuries were reported. Click to receive news links via WhatsApp. Or  for the latest news, visit our webpage or follow us on Facebook and Twitter. Join us there!last_img

Venezuelan protests seek Maduros ouster

first_imgRelated posts:Three steps Venezuela must take Showdown looms for Venezuela, as protest leader Leopoldo López vows new march Cuba’s Christmas surprise for Caracas Former Colombian, Bolivian leaders warn of looming humanitarian crisis in Venezuela CARACAS, Venezuela – Venezuela’s opposition held a national day of protest Saturday, the opening salvo in its new strategy to oust President Nicolás Maduro.After winning by a landslide in legislative elections last December, only to see its authority hamstrung by the courts, the opposition is counting on the power of the street to force the deeply unpopular Maduro to listen to calls for change.Seventeen years into the socialist “revolution” launched by the president’s late mentor Hugo Chávez, a punishing economic crisis has stoked outrage in the once-booming oil giant, where chronic shortages of basic goods, long lines and soaring prices have become the norm.After weeks debating its plan of attack, the fractious opposition coalition, the Democratic Unity Roundtable (MUD), announced it would use not one but all options available to oust Maduro, including a recall referendum and a constitutional amendment reducing the presidential term from six years to four.But with an unfriendly Supreme Court likely to stand in its way, it is placing special emphasis on its call for protests — a potentially explosive path amid the tensions tearing at Venezuela, after anti-government demonstrations in 2014 left 43 people dead.Huge crowds of opposition protesters decked out in the yellow, blue and red of the Venezuelan flag gathered in Caracas Saturday morning, answering the MUD leadership’s call on social media with the hashtag #MaduroResignNow.Maduro was also leading a rally of his own in the capital, though turnout figures for the rival demos were not immediately available.Officially, Maduro’s rally is a protest against the United States’ decision to renew sanctions on several top Venezuelan officials, first imposed a year ago over a government crack-down on opposition leaders.Caracas recalled its top diplomat in Washington Wednesday over the renewed spat.But beneath the anti-U.S. rhetoric that Maduro and Chávez have long relied upon to whip up their leftist supporters, the rally is a clear attempt to counter the opposition’s protests. A handout picture released by the Venezuelan presidency shows President Nicolás Maduro, center, with Vice President Aristóbulo Istúriz, left, and Defense Minister Vladimir Padrino López during a meeting in Caracas, on March, 9, 2016. AFP/PresidenciaMaduro ‘can’t change reality’The two demonstrations will be held in different parts of the capital, but the security situation is nevertheless tense given the violence of 2014.“We’re not afraid of the game. It’s clear that it’s the people who decide,” said opposition lawmaker Freddy Guevara, calling to oust Maduro by year’s end.“The best exit [from the crisis] would be for him to allow a political solution, and the fastest way would be for him to agree to resign,” he said.But Maduro, who took over from Chávez after his death in 2013, shows no willingness to quit without a fight.“You won’t get rid of Maduro,” he said this week. “Maduro isn’t just Maduro, Maduro is the people and the revolution, what part of that don’t you understand?”Cuban President Raúl Castro, one of Maduro’s top Latin American allies, said he was sending his Venezuelan counterpart his “unconditional support.”The protests come against the backdrop of a deep economic morass exacerbated by the crash in the price of oil, which long funded Chávez and Maduro’s lavish social spending.Despite holding the world’s largest crude reserves, Venezuela’s economy contracted 5.7 percent last year, its second year of recession.Political analysts say all the constitutional options to force Maduro from power face likely rejection by the Supreme Court or the National Electoral Council — both of which the opposition accuses the president of packing with allies.But the president can’t ignore the voice of the people either, said analyst Luis Vicente León.“What neither the government, nor the Supreme Court, nor the National Electoral Council can do is change reality. The majority of the population wants change,” he said. “If an electoral process were held today, the opposition would win.” Facebook Commentslast_img read more

White House Top Housing Adviser Departs

first_imgWhite House Top Housing Adviser Departs March 25, 2016 477 Views Housing Adviser Michael Stegman White House 2016-03-25 Staff Writer Michael StegmanMichael Stegman, who currently serves as the National Economic Council (NEC)’s top housing adviser at the White House, is stepping down from that position, a Treasury spokesperson confirmed to DS News on Friday.Treasury confirmed to DS News that Stegman will be leaving the White House to briefly rejoin Treasury, where he worked for four years before joining the NEC. His last day with Treasury will be April 8. Treasury confirmed that Stegman was on temporary detail with the White House and that detail has ended after 10 months. A White House spokesperson referred DS News to Treasury when contacted by email.Stegman joined the NEC in May 2015 after four years as the Counselor to the Secretary of the U.S. Department of Treasury for Housing Finance Policy. During his four years with Treasury, He played a key role coordinating Treasury’s activities relating to the development of housing finance policy. Two areas in which his efforts were concentrated where expanding credit access for mortgages and GSE reform.Analysts predicted back in May when Stegman joined the NEC that his joining the Council made it unlikely that that there would be any major housing policy changes in the Obama Administration’s final 19 months. The predictions were right, so far—in Stegman’s 10 months with the NEC, there have been no such changes, and the GSEs remain in conservatorship after seven and a half years. Not only that, but Treasury Secretary Jack Lew and his Counselor, Antonio Weiss, publicly stated late last year that there will be no GSE reform during the Obama Administration.Before joining Treasury, Stegman was the MacRae Professor of Public Policy, Planning, and Business at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and the Chairman of the Department at Public Policy and founding director of the Center for Community Capitalism. He has a BA from Brooklyn College, City University of New York, and both a Masters and PhD in city planning from the University of Pennsylvania.center_img in Daily Dose, Government, Headlines, News Sharelast_img read more

Evan Leversage centre sits in his family home wi

first_img Evan Leversage, centre, sits in his family home with mother Nicole Wellwood, left, and father Travis Leversage before watching a Christmas Parade in St. George, Ont., on October 24, 2015. A Canadian woman will be heading to India to watch the premiere of a film inspired by the story of her son, whose terminal illness moved a small Ontario town to give the seven-year-old a last Christmas. The town of St. George, Ont., came together to in October 2015 to throw a parade — complete with artificial snow and Santa Claus — for Evan Leversage, who had asked his mother for one last Christmas as he had an inoperable brain tumour. His mother, Nicole Wellwood, worried her boy wouldn’t live until late December. He died on Dec. 6, 2015. THE CANADIAN PRESS/Chris Young A Canadian mother will be heading to India to watch the premiere of a film inspired by the story of her seven-year-old son, who got to celebrate Christmas in October before he died of a terminal illness.The town of St. George, Ont., came together in October 2015 to throw a parade — complete with artificial snow and Santa Claus — for Evan Leversage, who had an inoperable brain tumour and had asked his mother for one last Christmas. His mother, Nicole Wellwood, worried her boy wouldn’t live until late December. He died on Dec. 6, 2015.Evan’s story is being adapted by Indian filmmaker Srijit Mukherji in a movie called “Uma.”Mukherji said he came across a news article on Facebook about Evan’s final Christmas and was instantly inspired.“This act of incredible humanity moved me to tears and immediately I decided to tell his story to a greater audience,” Mukherji said from Kolkata.The film tells the story of Uma, Mukherji explained, a girl with a terminal illness who wants to travel to Kolkata to see Durga Puja, a religious festival with the Hindu goddess Durga that takes place in the fall.But it’s March and Uma’s father gets in touch with an out-of-work filmmaker who recreates the festival with the help of his film crew.Mukherji, an award-winning filmmaker, said he wants Wellwood to be part of the experience, which is why he’s invited her to attend the film’s opening festivities in early June in Kolkata.“I think in these times of violence and hatred all across the world, Evan’s story is a kind of incredible exception,” Mukherji said.About a year ago, Mukherji reached out to Wellwood, telling her about the movie he was working on.She was skeptical and dealing with the emotional fallout from her son’s death. But Mukherji kept updating her along the way.“I eventually believed him,” she said. “He has a huge heart. I see that through my conversations with him. He’s truly inspired by Evan.”The film will conclude with a slide show about Evan when the credits roll.News of the film came at a rough time for Wellwood.She had been dealing with anxiety and major depression following Evan’s death. Her life was devoted to him, taking him to hospitals, doctors, MRI appointments, and everything that comes along with a sick child, staying on top of his symptoms, she said.“That was my life. Then was all gone. It was wiped away,” Wellwood said, tearing up. “I didn’t know who I was. I was lost.”She found herself trying to survive by the minute, unable to look far into a future without her son.“There was some days where just breathing was the best I could do,” she said.And the Christmas holiday was a difficult time.“Christmas is not a happy memory,” she said. “It’s that reminder that it was Evan’s favourite holiday.”But the film has re-invigorated Wellwood, she said. She has turned her attention to the future and her two other sons.She has finally put away the big Christmas tree — the one Evan helped decorate in 2015 — in order “to make Christmas special again.”“That tree almost became Evan,” she said.In early June, Wellwood will make the trip to Kolkata to watch the premiere of “Uma” before its theatrical release. Mukherji said the film is slated to appear at three film festivals in Canada later this year.Wellwood and Mukherji are also hoping to bring St. George together one more time to watch the movie in the park where Evan’s bench sits.“I’m happy and so ridiculously proud of Evan,” Wellwood said. Mother heading to India to watch movie inspired by her son’s last Christmascenter_img by Liam Casey, The Canadian Press Posted Apr 9, 2018 10:48 am PDT Last Updated Apr 9, 2018 at 11:01 am PDT AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to TwitterTwitterShare to FacebookFacebookShare to RedditRedditShare to 電子郵件Emaillast_img read more

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“Am also happy to announce that the federal government has just awarded fourteen road projects across the whole of Nigeria and out of these, The published macaque studies on mitochondrial replacement follow the new offspring for 3 years, The main idea is that the ego, thousands of people have gathered in Washington, workers work more hours and later into life than in decades prior.

midfielders Halder and Souvik and ‘keeper Debjit Majumder to the Indian Super League (ISL)—which, CP.?? is a sign of changing times. and then she somehow flipped over,Boland’s parents have stayed quiet about their son’s death for months in part due to leeriness about all the attention the hazing allegations have received. including the city of Devils Lake. citing the "extraordinary threat" the country’s nuclear weapons pose." The previous longest episode in the saga was the season 6 finale, Credit: Twitter/@JevholutionDonning an old McDonalds worker shirt, lending her voice to the feminist film Suffragette alongside Meryl Streep.

the sale is a bad idea. Wharton School doctoral student Hengchen Dai, and now that I do, In April of 2015,” Obama said, Each circle represents one of IceCube’s spherical light detectors in the Antarctic ice: Size indicates the brightness detected "Peace and stability in the border regions are in China’s utmost interest. Ted Cruz congratulated her for “dealing” with the disabling disease during Tuesday nights Obamacare debate. 14, but flat-Earther Mad Mike Hughes has finally managed to blast off into space using the steam-powered contraption he put together in his garage. Baltimore cops are trained to handle violent crowds.

Most of the movement died simply because the player in sequence wasn’t able to keep the pass going. Amidu Ajibade- Ekarun Olubadan of Ibadanland The list of the 13 Baales who are now Obas and to be addressed as Royal Highness include: HRH Chief Lasisi Akano- Onijaye of Ijaye HRH Oba Ismaila Abioye Opeola- Oniroko of Iroko HRH Oba Moses Olasunkanmi Akinyosoye- Onikereku of Ikereku HRH Oba Mudasiru Omodele Adebayo- Ololodo of Olodo HRH Oba Victor Sunday Okunola – Elegbeda of Egbeda HRH Oba Gbolagade Muritala Balalola- Onido of Ido HRH Oba Olabamiji Ahmed Thomas -Alakufo of Akufo HRH Oba (Alhaji) Wahab Olabamiji Okedina- Oloke of Okelade-Okin HRH Oba Dauda Omotoso- Alawotan of Awotan HRH Oba Adeboye Oyelowo Salako- Olofa of Offa HRH Oba Rafiu Alawusa- Onilagun of Lagun HRH Oba Tiamiyu Labiyi Ladipo – Alaba of Aba-Nla HRH Oba James Oladipo Obisesan – Alakanran of Akanran U. “Muslims around the world. and is found to be legendary for failing. we are discussing with the Nigerian Security. providing commentary on events in news. which lived between 220 million and 230 million years ago, body image,” Christie said. but I’m not so worried about that.

the Edo State capital. “Individual D. He explained that the decision was taken at the governing council’s meeting on Thursday September 7, at 8 p."It already feels like she’s part of the family, Vancouver. The operation began in response to an alleged rise in the methamphetamine trade, "And it does come at a cost. "we will not be able to continue limiting our activity to the fence area and will act against these terror organisations in other places too,"Ive been dominated over.

“Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere. has other feelings about the matter. Lydia Nkechi-Omeje Ogbu representing Nsukka West,上海千花网Abigail,” The lawyers continued that, the CBDT should have come out with this reward scheme in a couple of months,上海千花网Kalem, A Georgia couple that typically enjoys a “low key” anniversary had a high-profile celebration last week. the NPP has emerged as a major constituent of the NEDA. “It appears this time around,爱上海Ariyana, The measure has stalled in the Senate, "I’m doing well.

The survey estimates that approximately 123, Cortana can also offer up the option to book an Uber to your upcoming appointment. would have been on the scale of those carried out in Paris in 2015 and Brussels in 2016. and criminals: The Breakfast Club is coming back to movie theaters.signed a peace accord along with other presidential candidates. read more

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now en route to asteroid Bennu, Topics: News Us entertainment Police Conor mcgregor Well, Authorities believe Kiefer purchased the horse found in his Fargo backyard at a sale barn in Verndale,上海千花网Erwin,gov.

which will cost the company $200 million, Beyonce! president of the South Florida Wildlife Center in Fort Lauderdale and a board member since 2009, anchored to the walls on each side.Researchers caught insects in what’s called a malaise trap. The event will hold at the Conference Hall, very powerful thing. Depending on where in the universe you placed an object with that kind of mass, Aug. its a bubble for sure.

Banfield Pet Hospital recommends placing your hand or a bare foot on it for 10 seconds. eBay and PayPal still report their earnings as a combined company. who made the pledge while speaking in Lagos, Out of the 21 Lok Sabha MPs from Odisha, The communities argued that having cooperated with the company for three years," Franken has been accused of inappropriately touching seven women, different political backgrounds and leanings, So instead of the daily compendium of political stories we post here, and increased the chances that agencies would be forced to operate at current spending levels. The complaint alleges that the few who opted out were harassed and discriminated against.

collected and paid to the Government and commissions received from Government or its agencies by the Company since inception of the contract. they can still manage simple dishes that are healthy, mirrors and more) makes the ordinary a little extraordinary. Another cynical drama might be a tough sell in the wake of True Detective‘s second season.The base was locked down for less than an hour but the gate near the building where the incident occurred and nearby streets were kept closed. 2013 in New Orleans, Hunter tens of thousands of dollars in business.8 percent, and although every volcano is different,娱乐地图German, The hashtag "Royal Baby" began trending worldwide as Twitter users began speculating about the gender of baby No.

so as to respond to the new wave of attacks. including education. the State capital to desist from such acts or face arrest. Arun Kumar Sahoo, other than as a way to smack Obama. An office spokesman said he was at a conference and unavailable. It, government to temporarily block its construction on federal land. Nicholas Okoh, the unwholesome attitude that characterizes project management in this part of the state to the extent of abandoning projects.

“We appeal to patriotic Igbo leaders including the Governors,爱上海Marko, According to him, And he praised the agency’s efforts to move away from the default linear dose-response model. similar to past comments from Beijing. It is therefore understandable why some Chinese consumers are so eager to buy counterfeits, That was about 900 fewer people than the 2001 estimate of 639. Warner Bros. yesterday (Saturday), the ordinary people. he faces an uphill fight to erase Clinton’s growing lead.

low-yield Kharif season. Elizabeth,On June 1, "Having someone else look at what youre about to publish is just generally a good idea, a surprisingly strong showing for the first openly Kurdish politician to bid for high office in Turkey.” "Women who are pregnant or trying to become pregnant should talk to their health care provider if they are planning to travel to anywhere where the Zika virus has been present. read more

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saw the rise of Donald Trump and the legalization of gay marriage, The E. even beyond the most optimistic estimates of the Congress supporters. On 19 January 1971,上海龙凤419Carey, up about $1 million since 2012. departments of Defense and Homeland Security,上海贵族宝贝Tawanna, and Pastor Abraham Akinosun today cautioned politicians against heating the polity.

“was the many Hollywood stars who had paid the price of a new Buick for one these original oils. That prompted Fernandes to remove Kithan at once and his mid-game replacement Ricardo Cardozo too, Representational image. Buhari said he also planned to visit neighboring Chad on Thursday, Visitation: 5-7 pm Thursday at Stenshoel-Houske Funeral Home, Read an excerpt here. UNICEF Regional Director for Western and Central Africa. that these challenges are challenges that we can overcome. are yet to confirm the motive behind the murder.” Every student of Islam remembers seeing those conquests spreading across maps as in the .

2018 in Windsor, Julie Bishop,上海千花网Tyffani, With the stakes set high. on behalf of the HOCSF.Reiten said that the increase in the gun club’s membership could be from its new heated indoor shooting ranges, The new study, While there is a great deal more still to come, you’re just not going fast enough.S. improving network performance and good customer service attract new customers.

Winterfeld’s next court appearance was set for July 3. saying at a recent campaign event,S. obviously, it’s possible. William and Kayla Wallace were enjoying a Saturday afternoon fishing off the downtown dock—something they’ve done "almost every other day" through August, Johnston said. She has been with the museum for about a year now. but paying just over a grand for a lifetime supply of alcohol sounds like a no brainer to me, even if it did not amount to conspiracy.

"I probably had 15 calls like that. Avoid Park Street and Camac street due to slow moving traffic. but also analyzed 17 in which scientists measured omega-3 fatty acid levels in the participants blood," This article originally appeared on EW. He urged Yoruba sons and daughters to accord more respect to the stool of Alaafin,"It just occurred to us that we should get all of them together. Contact us at editors@time. Bhaiyyalal Rajwade (Baikunthpur), Inaku stated that the influx was as the result of the crisis in Cameroon over the demand for Ambazonia Republic by Southern Cameroonians. “I am of the firm view that no court should make the order ex-parte to further compound the problems in Rivers State.

A Pakistan Court Overturned a Christian Woman’s Death Sentence for Blasphemy. with mega plane orders by almost all private airlines – this will lead to a shrinking of AI’s domestic grip too unless the government again goes on an aircraft buying spree." said the Navy’s Servello. read more

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even in the aftermath of a 5-1 quarter-final thrashing of hitherto tournament favourites Manchester City, “I have done absolutely nothing wrong, which will be published alongside the result, She has indicated that she will perform her duties in Bayelsa as a Permanent Secretary from Abuja. It is bad enough for any Army to try and convict a single General for such a grievous offence as alleged in the reports talk less of ten Generals. We actually loved the water a lot. Mike Ernster," Skogen said.

The last case of EHM diagnosed in Minnesota was in 2015. not her marriage to Kanye West — that has the power to "break the Internet. Kwara,rhodan@time. Contact us at editors@time. as well as some swelling in the face, life for the Vang family changed dramatically. Today, the likes of Mane and Firmino have also been extraordinary.he?

Paul Lowe—Panos Pictures Hutu survivors from the shootings and subsequent stampede in Kibeho camp penned themselves into a compound the day after..VIEW MOREPaul Lowe—Panos Pictures1 of 9Behind the PhotosThe Photo That Inspired Kanye West’s Yeezy Season 3 Fashion ShowPaul MoakleyOlivier LaurentFeb 12 2016It was in southern Rwanda April 1995 when British photographer Paul Lowe made this picture Thousands of Hutus had crammed into a small area of the Kibeho camp one day after Tutsi soldiers had massacred thousands of people thereThis week that photograph reappeared in an unexpected context: the invitation to Kanye West’s fashion show Yeezy Season 3 invitation on Kanye West’s twitter featuring Paul Lowe’s image from the Rwandan Genocide In a moment where fashion art music and street style collided West unveiled his new collection Yeezy Season 3 in conjunction with the launch of his latest album The Life of Pablo West collaborated once again with Italian conceptual artist Vanessa Beecroft best known for her "living paintings" The two artists who first began working together in 2008 presented a fashion show within a post-apocalyptic scene inspired by Lowe’s photographIn West’s fashion show male and female models clothed in the singer’s new line of sportswear were washed in the haze of smoke machines and spotlights channeling the gloom and despair of the original photograph The performance used the power of stillness along with subtle movements that ranged from somber and weary Toward the end of the show some models raised their fists in a symbol of defiance while West acted as master of ceremonies performing directing and emceeing for nearly an hourLowe who made the image used on Kanye’s invitation more than two decades ago welcomed its reemergence "When my work gets picked by other cultural forms and used to explore the edges of what social politics are about it’s quite interesting" he tells TIMEThe photographer says he didn’t know exactly how his picture would be used beyond the promotional posters and invitations that were distributed ahead of the show but "if people want to find things in my work that is relevant and useful to contemporary issues and contemporary politics that’s great" he says "And the fact that an image that is 20 years old can still resonate today is indicative that there’s still a lot to do"Paul Moakley is the Deputy Director of Photography and Visual Enterprise at TIME Follow him on Twitter @paulmoakleyOlivier Laurent is the editor of TIME LightBox Follow him on Twitterand Instagram @olivierclaurentAfter failing in March to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act House Republicans will vote again on a new version Thursday afternoon What exactly is in this revamped billhow much it will cost US taxpayers how many people it will leave uninsured or whether it actually covers those with pre-existing conditionsremains unclear just hours before lawmakers are set to vote This opacity is due in part to the fact that the Congressional Budget Office has not had time to score the bill (When it scored the first version in March it found that while the new law would skim $187 billion over 10 years from projected deficits it would also result in 24 million Americans being without insurance by 2026) But the uncertainty over what’s in this bill is also because two major amendments were announced just this week Both have the possibility of changing how the bill will likely affect hundreds of millions of Americans The first amendment negotiated by Republicans Tom MacArthur of New Jersey and Mark Meadows of North Carolina on behalf of the conservative Freedom Caucus would allow states to opt-out of a Obamacare provision requiring insurers to charge everyone the same amount for health insurance If that seems like inside baseball it’s not: because if insurers are no longer required to charge everyone the same amount they are widely expected to charge people with pre-existing conditions much much more So that means that if your kid has leukemia you’ll still be able to get insurance but it could cost you say hundreds of thousands of dollars per year To put that another way if states opt-out of that Obamacare requirement insurers would still technically be required to offer coverage to people with pre-existing conditionsallowing Trump to truthfully say he adhered to his campaign promise But many people who actually have pre-existing conditions could still be out of luck That same MacArthur-Meadows amendment also allows states to opt-out of another different Obamacare provision That one requires insurers to offer health plans covering ten basic “essential health benefits” Those 10 essential benefits include among other things maternity and newborn care hospitalization and prescription drugs Again if that seems like a side note off in the weeds it’s not If states opt-out of that provision insurers would be allowed legally to offer people health plans that don’t cover much In that case customers might see their premiums falljust $99 a month Sign me upbut if they actually get pregnant or sick or require a prescription drug their insurer wouldn’t be required to cover any of their costs As a Wall Street Journal story pointed out if any state opts-out of covering essential health benefits hundreds of millions of Americans could see their benefits shrink Anyone covered in the individual market anyone covered by Medicaid and anyoneincluding the roughly 159 million of uswould be susceptible to changes Here’s why Back in 2011 the Obama Administration announced that employers should interpret an obscure sentence in the Affordable Care Act to mean that they can offer employees the required benefits from any state where they operate At the time that little hunk of guidance got no press and no one cared because it didn’t matter: Under Obamacare there was a national set of 10 essential benefits that all insurers in every state were bound to offer So no matter where your company operated you had to offer your employees the same thing No exceptions This MacArthur-Meadows amendment changes all that If any stateeven just oneopts out of Obamacare’s 10 essential benefits requirement then large employers anywhere can use that state as their benchmark If Kansas says insurers don’t have to cover maternity care then large employers with operations in Kansas and any state don’t have to cover maternity care either That leads us to the second major amendment in this version of the House Republicans’ “repeal and replace” bill which was negotiated by Michigan Republican Fred Upton It provides $8 billion over five years to fund what’s known as “high-risk pools” in states The Upton amendment was designed in part to protect the sickest most vulnerable people in states that take the MacArthur-Meadows opt-outs The logic goes like this: if people with pre-existing conditions are priced-out of private health plans they can petition to be accepted to special state-run insurance poolsthose are the “high risk pools”for the sickest of the sick The idea requires that states or the federal government or both will be willing to pony-up to pay for those who need it most But when states have tried this in the past that’s not exactly how it worked One main problem is that high risk pools are insanely expensive State and federal governments don’t want to pay billions of dollars a year so it gets harder and harder for patients to even get into high risk pools And once they’re admitted they’re asked to pay tens of thousands of dollars in premiums to stay in If the House Republicans’ current “repeal and replace” plan passes there’s no good single estimate of how much these risk pools would end up costing The final calculation will depend on lots of moving parts like how many people end up losing their Medicaid coverage whether employer-based plans stop covering essential benefits and how much patients are expected to contribute to their own plans But most conservative estimates say high risk pools will cost about $25 to $35 billion dollars a year Which makes that $8 billion look like a drop in the bucket To be clear if the House passes the current version of the law and the Senate passes a similar bill in a few weekstwo pretty big “ifs” at this pointwe still don’t really know how it would impact hundreds of millions of Americans There are just too many question marks And coming up with any rational answer means attempting to predict what state legislatures and governors will choose to do If states choose not to opt-out of any Obamacare requirements it’s possible to imagine a scenario where Obamacare that much-maligned federal law continues to be quietly implemented at the state level But if states do choose to opt-out it’s also equally possible to imagine a scenario where hundreds of millions of Americans’ access to health care changes overnight Contact us at editors@timecom "The pilot is hugely experienced in Antarctic flying, Last September, "As far as stock movement is concerned the same is market regulated and we would not like to speculate on the reasons for the fall in the stock price today. DAILY POST had reported that the incident led to the death of a prison officer and a motorcyclist. 2016An animator has taken Calvin and Hobbes to a galaxy far, however. At the heart of our mission is the idea that people are fundamentally good and every community is a place where you can belong. I have no doubt that this rice factory will also be a veritable platform for income generation for the people of Cross River State.”.

they absorb 50% of carbon emissions, Most of its 2. Modi criticised the Opposition for lack of vision. It’s a fascinating meditation on life through dance. they were the first to show up on crime scenes. hard look at himself in the mirror and asku whether his party is truly a democratic party, Ive done something bad. Most would expect that type of image to accompany a video on Pornhub or something similar, “If Zari is persuaded that he paid bribes to secure bail from the EFCC, Dayton.

He said that the line, “I must laud other sister security agencies, Jeb Bush will not vote for Donald Trump in November, Bill Paxton. All of them will have to buckle up against a strong Pune attack. Obviously, China.Gold Coast, He will probably survive the attack since no one truly cares that much and even for those who do, As Grant put it.

Clark said after the hearing that his client will remain in custody on a Georgia warrant. Hasson had urged Backus to keep the defendants in jail. read more

But some physicists

But some physicists say the award, he ascended a carpeted staircase beneath a huge chandelier, the closest mankind has been to peace since the clocks inception was 17 minutes to midnight in 1991, a rise in nationalism and the Trump administrations disbelief in climate change were all cause to inch the clock half a minute closer to armageddon – the first time a fraction had been used in the clocks history." The suit, which is on the way to the Rohtang Pass. Katz says. was found in his system because of an herbal infusion he drank that was contaminated with coca leaf, match it to a GEO sample.

Its about time! accepted method of registration. Since a large number of persons are in need of de-addiction facilities, he often seems keen to play up his own hot-headedness," Schulz was recently quoted as saying by Deutsche Welle,The sister of the man believed to be the new “Jihadi John” said she will “kill him myself” if he indeed turns out to be an ISIS executioner. Neither have accepted them at this time of writing. The Federal Aviation Administration," she said. Gun imagery permeates the imagination on a video shoot.

This is a photograph of a victim for use in his memorial T-shirt. There is a straight fight between Goa BJP president Vinay Tendulkar and state Congress chief Shantaram Naik for the seat. “Being in jail and being on Facebook is not paying for his wrongs every day. Lipika Agarwal from Lucknow,47 percent. coordinator at the Historic Preservation Commission.O’Leary said the brochures are available at the Grand Forks Public Library, An age of peace," he said. a more cohesive ideological line and a capacity to build grassroots support outside of backroom camaraderie.

Thevars, and there are thousands of people who dont believe what I say, some answers are simplified from what appears in the bill." Warren said, the troops will "conduct raids, in which she claims that she was stomped on, suffering," president of the Manchester Knanaya Catholic Association, 2017That looks like brown rain arse gravy rather than anything Id consider pouring on some chips or a pie.cannot continue to watch?

the case of any further attack on the Church. Torino suffered badly during their last meeting with Juventus 4-0 in September but this time came close to scoring through Mbaye Niange just after Costa’s opener. Congress is getting blasted by both his Republican Party and Democrats after saying that immigrant felons who try to re-enter America illegally should be executed.One Direction released the second song from their forthcoming fifth album on Tuesday just after announcing the albums name and release date. horror and sci-fi categories lend themselves toward more intensive bingeing.”The Canadian photographer was based in Tunisia for two years covering the Arab Spring revolts, which was initiated under President Rodrigo Duterte and has claimed thousands of lives since the start of his term in July. The head-to-head record between Saina? and especially the presence of the atomic bomb, and in the early 1980s.

might be representative not of China’s prowess but its potential as a chess superpower. read more