Islam and Homosexuality Are Homosexuals Less Pious

By Nahla BendefaaRabat – A young man in Fes was the victim of a ruthless attack by a mob on Monday. They attacked the man because he is supposedly gay. Upon learning that the victim was a homosexual, the offenders beat the young man savagely and treated him as “less than human.”Their beatly nature and ignorance was apparent in their call to Allah; by yelling out “Allah is Great” in Arabic, the mob revealed their poor understanding of Islam. In a video dating back to 2013, Hassan Iquioussen, a Moroccan Imam living in France, discusses the Muslim people’s behavior toward homosexuals and suggests that Muslims should deal with homosexuality away from shunning and demonization of people with different sexual orientation.Iquioussen, a member of the Union of Islamic Organizations of France, is nicknamed “Le prêcheur des cites” (The preacher of suburbs). Born and raised in France, Hassan Iquioussen is of Moroccan descent.In the video, Iquioussen explains that in the Quran, homosexuality is said to be a sin in a clear and concise manner. However, over the course of twenty-seven minutes, Iquioussen struggles to explain to his audience that this does not change the fact that there are pious Muslims who happen to be attracted to the same sex.Iquioussen’s argument is that everyone is a sinner, one way or another. Therefore, it does no good to judge people who sin in a way that may be considered “abnormal.” He compares homosexuality to drinking alcohol and adultery, giving examples of some of the Prophet’s companions; his point: sin and piety are not mutually exclusive.“It is not because you are a pious Muslim that you do not commit any sins at all. In reality, you are a pious Muslim that also happens to commit sins and thus, disobey Allah,” he says.In the video, Iquioussen condemns any kind of violence against homosexuals. “Acting on one’s homosexuality may be a sin, but this does not compel me to go on a crusade looking for homosexuals to lynch,” he says.He also says that it is the duty of good Muslims to maintain the sacredness of the personal lives of Muslims. As such, if you find out someone is indeed a homosexual, the right thing to do is to keep it to oneself instead of disseminating it and subjecting homosexuals to violence. read more

Judge in UNbacked Cambodian court pledges to press on after colleague resigns

Judge Siegfried Blunk, the international co-investigating judge at the Extraordinary Chambers in the Courts of Cambodia (ECCC), submitted his resignation to Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon as of 8 October, citing repeated statements by Government officials regarding what are known as cases 003 and 004.Case 003 reportedly involves two former senior members of the Khmer Rouge military suspected of being responsible for the deaths of thousands of people, while case 004 is believed to involve three other senior members.“His resignation was very surprising to me,” said You Bunleng, the national co-investigating judge, in a statement.“In fact, the work relationship between the international co-investigating judge and myself as national co-investigating judge has so far developed in a smooth and responsible manner based on legal principles and the ECCC internal rules, although there have been some allegations through media speculations made by some outsiders of the Court.”He said judicial investigations with regard to cases 003 and 004 have been conducted by the office of the co-investigation judges “independently without any obstacle.”“Although speculations have been made in various media reports with regard to the procedural measures and decisions of the co-investigating judges, the national co-investigating judge still affirms that he will continue to fulfil the works of the office of the co-investigating judges independently and in compliance with the principles stipulated in the law and the ECCC internal rules, and he is resolved to resist any attempt to interfere into his works from any source,” Judge Bunleng said in his statement.Under an agreement signed by the UN and the Government, the ECCC was set up as an independent court using a mixture of Cambodian staff and judges and foreign personnel. It is designated to try those deemed most responsible for mass killings and other crimes committed under the Khmer Rouge three decades ago.After his appointment as a co-investigating judge last year, Judge Blunk proceeded with investigations in cases 003 and 004 with the expectation that a previous statement reportedly made by the Cambodian Prime Minister to the Secretary-General that these cases “will not be allowed” did not reflect Government policy, according to a news release issued by the tribunal. 12 October 2011The national co-investigating judge in the United Nations-backed Cambodian genocide tribunal today affirmed that he will continue to fulfil his mandate independently and in compliance with the principles stipulated in the law, despite the resignation of his international colleague. read more

Actress Angelina Jolie to be named UNHCR Goodwill Ambassador for refugees

High Commissioner Ruud Lubbers will give the honorary title to the 26 year-old actress at a ceremony next Monday at UNHCR headquarters in Geneva.”We are very pleased that Ms. Jolie has generously agreed to give her time and energy to support UNHCR’s work,” Mr. Lubbers said. “She can help give a voice to refugees, many of whom live in the shadows of forgotten tragedies. We are proud to welcome her to the UNHCR family.”Several months ago, Ms. Jolie approached UNHCR saying she wanted to learn more about humanitarian action for refugees. Since March, she has made field visits to refugee camps in Sierra Leone, Tanzania, Cambodia and Pakistan. She insisted on covering all costs related to her missions and shared the same rudimentary working and living conditions as UNHCR field staff.”I was shocked by what I saw,” Ms. Jolie said of her field visits. “We cannot close ourselves off to information and ignore the fact that millions of people are out there suffering. I honestly want to help. I don’t believe I feel differently from other people. I think we all want justice and equality, a chance for a life with meaning. All of us would like to believe that if we were in a bad situation someone would help us.”Reflecting on her time spent with humanitarian field workers, she added, “you go to these places and you realize what life’s really about and what people are really going through. These people are my heroes.”Ms. Jolie kept a journal of her mission to Africa which can be found on the website Her journals for Cambodia and Pakistan will soon follow.UNHCR, which has won two Nobel Peace Prizes over the past 50 years, cares for some 22 million refugees and other uprooted people in some 120 countries. read more

Rockstar launches GTA V companion app Grand Theft Auto iFruit iOS

first_imgToday is the day when many a gamer will be calling in sick or has booked the day off work. That’s because GTA V has been released and is set to consume many days, weeks, and even months of play time if you count Grand Theft Auto Online unlocking on October 1st.Rockstar has decided to embrace mobile devices for this version of GTA, and yesterday released a complimentary app for GTA V. It’s called Grand Theft Auto: iFruit and is available on the App Store. And by playing it, you can influence your experience in GTA V.GTA: iFruit is split into several sections. As well as receiving the latest GTA V news, you can login to the Rockstar Games Social Club and use the parody social network LifeInvader. But there’s also creation and training options to take advantage of.Los Santos Customs allows you to create your own vehicles from GTA V including giving them custom paint jobs, hood and wheel designs, and tweaking the suspension and accessories. You can also create and order your own custom license plate that can then be used in both GTA V and Grand Theft Auto Online. That’s a great way of personalizing the experience and allowing you to continue “playing” GTA away from your console.Then there’s Chop the Dog to train. Yes, Rockstar has included a virtual pet trainer as part of the app, only this is Chop, who is Franklin’s dog in GTA V. By caring for and training Chop using the app, he becomes more of a benefit in the main game. These benefits include being more obedient to Franklin, performing tricks, and more easily discovering hidden items when out on a walk. You can also earn credits to get Chop new collars to wear.GTA: iFruit is a free app for iOS that’s available to download right now through the App Store. And if you won’t be able to play GTA V during the day due to work, at least you can train Chop and create a custom license plate on your lunch break or commute home.last_img read more

Bruxelles accepte laide française au développement du très haut débit

first_imgBruxelles accepte l’aide française au développement du très haut débitLa Commission européenne a accepté une aide de l’État français de 750 millions d’euros pour le déploiement des réseaux à très haut débit.Selon Le Figaro, la Commission européenne a accepté une aide de l’État français en faveur du déploiement des réseaux à très haut débit, selon le ministre de l’Économie numérique Eric Besson. Cette aide se chiffrerait à 750 millions d’euros.  M. Besson a déclaré dans un communiqué du ministère : “je me félicite de cette décision de la Commission européenne qui valide l’approche retenue par le gouvernement: celle d’une complémentarité entre investissements publics et privés pour couvrir l’ensemble du territoire.” Le ministre de l’Économie numérique a tenu à rappeler également que le président de la République Nicolas Sarkozy avait fixé l’objectif de 100% de Français raccordés en très haut débit en 2025, “toutes les zones de notre territoire où existe une carence de l’investissement privé, pourront donc bénéficier d’une aide publique au déploiement de la fibre optique”. De son côté, la Commission européenne a indiqué dans un communiqué distinct qu’elle “a approuvé (…) une aide de quelque 750 millions d’euros en faveur du déploiement des réseaux à très haut débit en France”. Selon Bruxelles, “les consommateurs et les entreprises bénéficieront de vitesses de connexion de 100 mégabits par seconde (Mbit/s) pour l’utilisation des services internet améliorés tels que l’e-santé, l’administration en ligne, la télévision 3D, le télétravail, l’apprentissage en ligne, etc”. La Commission européenne souligne enfin qu’elle avait conclu que cette aide “respectait les lignes directrices de l’UE relatives aux aides d’État dans le domaine du haut débit, notamment parce que les aides seront accordées par l’intermédiaire d’appels d’offres et uniquement pour des zones dans lesquelles il n’existe pas de réseaux comparables, et parce que le réseau subventionné sera accessible à tous les utilisateurs intéressés”. Le 20 octobre 2011 à 17:55 • Maxime Lambertlast_img read more

Everything Starts to Pay Off in Chapter Five of Taboo

first_imgStay on target Taboo’s Finale Lived up to Most of Its PromisesTaboo Delivers Answers, Intrigue and a Torturous Cliffhanger Now that we’re firmly into the back half of the season, Taboo appears to be picking up. At the end of last week’s episode, we were promised a duel. For once, the show wastes no time in delivering. Chapter Five opens with Delaney and Geary dueling with pistols. As the two men walk towards each other, Geary fires the first shot. Delaney is surprised to find he’s unscathed and points his gun directly at Geary’s face. Deducing that Geary’s second is an East India Company man and that he loaded a blank into Geary’s gun, he chooses to shoot the fleeing second instead. So Delaney spared Geary’s life. That could make things interesting.It doesn’t change too much yet. Geary comes home and acts all moody and passive-aggressive when his wife asks what happened. When she asks if she’ll have to learn the details of what happened through gossip, he retorts that it’s how he learns about her activities. So, Geary’s still a dick. As we’ll discuss later, that turns out to be a gigantic understatement.Delaney’s part in this episode mostly focused on him trying to secure his claim on Nootka Sound and avoid getting hanged for his robbery. The latter, he says, he will accomplish because only the British Crown can order a hanging. And, unlike the East India Company, they would probably prefer to make a deal. As Delaney rides out to the farm to see how his gunpowder is coming, he notices he’s being followed. Not one to take things like that lightly, he sneaks up on the man, slashes his stomach open, disables his legs and lets him crawl back to his employers as a message.Cholmondeley (Tom Hollander) and his new apprentice make gunpowder. (Photo via FX)At the farm, Cholmondeley makes a few inappropriate comments about Delaney’s stepmother Lorna before asking for an assistant. Delaney is happy to oblige, and enlists his… brother? nephew/son? Whatever he is, the boy becomes Cholmondeley’s apprentice. Delaney is well on his way to having gunpowder. Good thing too, because the East India Company has offered a reward for information regarding the stolen saltpeter. Not only that, soldiers have been turning the city upside down looking for it. While visiting Atticus, Delaney catches onto the fact that one of his men is considering taking the company up on their offer. That man no longer has a thumb. For some reason, Tom Hardy waving a severed thumb around is more unsettling than any of the disembowelings we’ve seen so far.The thumb serves as a message. If any company men come around, Delaney or Atticus are to be informed right away. And wouldn’t you know it, the company does send a man to interrogate one of Helga’s prostitutes. During a session, the man grabs a knife and holds it to her throat, demanding information. Fortunately, Winter spies this through a hole in the wall and tells Atticus who pulls the man off the woman. The next time we see that guy, he’s very much dead. His body is dumped in the water with a note reading, “Died on company business.” If that’s not an effective message, I don’t know what is.Lorna, meanwhile, has followed Delaney’s instructions and brought him his father’s trunk. Delaney searches through it, looking for a treaty that proves Nootka Sound was bought from the Native People, rather than taken through conquest. Not finding it, he throws everything into the fire, which Lorna isn’t happy with. The final straw for her comes when Delaney implies his father bought his mother, a Nootka woman, for beads. She angrily insists her late husband never bought anyone for beads and rips open a secret compartment in the trunk. Inside is the treaty Delaney has been looking for.Meanwhile, it appears the Crown is losing patience with the East India Company. Losing that much saltpeter during a time of war smells of criminal negligence. The Prince Regent plans to send inspectors in, making things very difficult for the company in the future. One such inspector is George Chichester, an investigator for the Sons of Africa. He’s been asking the Crown to investigate the sinking of the Influence, the slave ship that’s been haunting Delaney’s memories. 280 people died on that ship, and Chichester believes that members of the East India Company were kidnapping, selling and transporting people for personal profit. Given a scene where Stuart Strange tells Benjamin Wilton to burn certain documents, it appears his suspicions are correct.Oona Chaplin as Zilpha Geary. (Photo via FX)Finally, we check back in with Zilpha, who’s had it worse this episode than in any other so far this season. Her husband finds her writhing on her bed in her sleep and hears her call her brother’s name. When he tries to force himself on her again, she decides she’s had enough. She spits in his eye and slaps him. As heartening as it is to see her begin to fight back against an abusive husband, it doesn’t go well for her. Geary knocks her to the floor and insists she’s been possessed. He intends to call a priest to perform an exorcism.When the priest arrives, Zilpha tries to resist and escape, but she is overpowered by the two men and tied down. In one of the most uncomfortable scenes the show has had so far, the priest sits on top of Zilpha, speaking in tongues and groping her. As she passes out from screaming, the priest gets up and says the demon is gone. This whole ordeal appears to have only furthered Zilpha’s desire to fight back. The episode ends with Zilpha standing near her sleeping husband, caressing a long, sharp needle. Wouldn’t it be great if that needle found its way into Geary somehow?Finally, things are starting to pay off in Taboo. While there wasn’t a ton of plot development as far as Delaney is concerned, Chapter Five kept us captivated by having its characters actually do things, rather than just talking about doing things. I still can’t say the interminably slow build of the first four episodes was worth it, but Taboo may have some life in it yet. This was also the episode where the cinematography got to shine. It’s always been a great-looking show, even when it’s showing us something truly disturbing. This episode surpassed even the high standards of the previous ones, providing us with diverse, beautifully shot scenes that drew us into the harsh world. Taboo made some major steps forward last night, and it’s looking like they’ll be able to sustain that momentum for the final three chapters.last_img read more

Barcelona shows new crest design

first_imgThe Catalan club last logo redesign was in 2002 and now the team has proposed a new design that has to be approved by the membersThinking of the new digital era, Spanish La Liga team F.C. Barcelona has redesigned its crest.The last time the team did this was in 2002, and now the new logo has stayed “faithful to the historical elements of the crest: the city, Barcelona; the country, Catalonia; the club, the ‘Blaugrana’ colors; and the ball.”“But the new design now has greater reproduction capacity, especially in the increasingly more important world of digital media,” the club said in a statement.“The most striking changes are an increase in the balance and impact of the team colors, the greater presence of a central and iconic element of the Barça style of play, namely the ball, the homogenization of the forms and colors, and the disappearance of the FCB acronym.”James Rodriguez, Real MadridZidane hails ‘quality’ James Rodriguez after Real Madrid’s win Andrew Smyth – September 14, 2019 Zinedine Zidane reserved special praise for James Rodriguez after his starring role in Real Madrid’s 3-2 win over Levante.“The new version of the crest also responds to one of the main goals of the FC Barcelona Strategic Plan, which is to promote its brand on an international level.”“A lot of work has been done to update the brand strategy in recent months, with the creation of Barça’s own typography and the development of a more modern and unified visual style for use in all departments of the club,” the Blaugrana team added.This is the proposed update to the Barça crest, subject to member approval🔵🔴— FC Barcelona (@FCBarcelona) September 27, 2018last_img read more

Vancouver fire chief offers a snapshot of 2010

first_imgVancouver Fire Chief Joe Molina released the department’s 2010 performance statistics Monday. Here are a few key figures:Number of calls in 2010: 23,113.Number of medical calls: 18,811, or 78 percent of total call volume.Structure fire calls: 224.Percentage of urban/city calls answered within 5 minutes: 49 percent (down from 71 percent in 2009).Vancouver Fire-Arson Team arrest and conviction rate: 51 percent (up from 21.4 percent in 2009).Overtime costs: $1.33 million (down from $2.38 million in 2009).Last year was a “dynamic” one for the Vancouver Fire Department, its new chief said Monday as he released a snapshot of the department’s 2010 performance.Response times went up, while overtime costs went down. Two fast-response rescue units were pulled from duty, while a new station opened its doors.Arson convictions were nearly four times higher than the national average in 2010. Overtime costs dropped by 44 percent, but 24 firefighters and 11.5 full-time administrative staff are no longer working there.Facing budget cuts, Vancouver eliminated its two medical response-only units, which, along with a change in calculating response time, dropped the percentage of urban calls answered within 5 minutes from 71 percent in 2009 to 49 percent in 2010.“It was a very dynamic year,” Fire Chief Joe Molina told the Vancouver City Council on Monday night. “Rescue 3 (one of the medical response-only units) had a huge impact because Station 3 (in Vancouver Heights) is our busiest in the system.”last_img read more

Robert Downey the only Avenger the Russos trusted with Endgame script

first_img Share your voice Comment Tags TV and Movies “There’s more secrets in Endgame than there are in Infinity War,” he said.The brothers also teased that there could be fake footage in the Avengers: Endgame trailers.”Maybe it’s all fake,” said Anthony Russo with a laugh. “Maybe there’s not a real frame in that whole trailer.”Fake trailers or real, Avengers: Endgame opens April 26 release in the US, April 25 in the UK, and April 24 in Australia. 32 Photos Endgame officially a three-hour bladder-buster, so make a plan Endgame proves we should bring back the intermission My race to watch every Marvel movie before Endgame More on Avengers: Endgame Flip through 32 Marvel-ous images from this super exhibit Marvel Iron Man The Avengers Iron Man can be trusted. Marvel Avengers: Endgame directors Joe and Anthony Russo, have been asking fans who see the film to keep its secrets and not spoil it for others. But they also had to protect the film’s secrets from its own stars, even if that means not giving them full copies of the script.”(Robert Downey Jr.) was probably the only one to read the entire script,” Joe Russo said in an interview with Rotten Tomatoes, though he later allowed that Chris Evans (Captain America) might also have read the whole script. 1 Some other actors, including Benedict Cumberbatch, who plays Doctor Strange, got a copy that included his scenes only, Joe Russo said.”Part of our motivation to do that is it just takes a lot of pressure off of people, because it is hard to constantly censor yourself,” Anthony Russo said. “So we take a lot of pressure off of people by just saying, ‘OK, the less you know, the less you have to mind yourself.”Joe Russo noted that the directors handled Avengers: Infinity War in a similar way, giving, for example, Chris Hemsworth, who plays Thor, only his scenes.last_img read more

Is Nick Jonas eyeing Bollywood Singer starts following Karan Johar on Instagram

first_imgPriyanka Chopra, Nick Jonas, Karan JoharInstagramNick Jonas has been hitting the headlines ever since he was reported to be dating Priyanka Chopra followed by his maiden visit to India and getting married to the love of his life in an extravagant wedding ceremony at the Umaid Bhawan palace in Jodhpur, Rajasthan. Recently, the couple were in news after an international magazine carried a report on their divorce just 177 days after their wedding. Though the couple didn’t pay heed to the reports, Priyanka’s spokesperson informed the media that the report was dubious and completely baseless. But this time around, the American pop singer has once again pulled everyone’s attention when he recently started following Karan Johar on Instagram.The 26-year-old singer has been a frequent visitor to India all thanks to wife Priyanka and had been meeting up Bollywood stars during his trip. And it looks like Nick has already created a good rapport with Karan Johar, who is known for launching new faces into the world of Bollywood.And as soon as Nick pushed the follow button on Karan Johar’s Instagram account, fans have gone berserk with the thought of Nick eyeing the Bollywood industry. Though there’s nothing concrete about Nick’s possible entry in Bollywood, it remains to be seen if Karan Johar would be able to pull off a casting coup of sort and bring Nick and Priyanka together in a Bollywood project.On Koffee With Karan 6, though Priyanka graced Karan Johar’s chat show with Kareena Kapoor Khan, it would be interesting to see if KJo could convince Nick to be a guest on his show for a special episode as the show has already dropped its curtains.Meanwhile, Priyanka and Nick seem to be in a happy phase enjoying each and every bit of their marital bliss right now. A few days ago, the Desi girl posted a family picture on her Instagram wherein she along with her husband Nick, Sophie Turner, her fiancé Joe Jonas and Kevin Jonas were seen having a great time together.Take a look.last_img read more

Google tries for the TV a third time now with a 35

first_imgGoogle has been paying attention to the web. They see that people are consuming more and more media online. While most people watch on their computers, very few watch on the television. Google TV was their first attempt to bring the web to the TV, but that didn’t work out very well. Google’s Chrome team has a new approach to bringing the web to the TV, and they have called it Chromecast.Chromecast is a simple HDMI dongle that gets plugged in to the back of the television and works in much the same way that Google’s Nexus Q was designed to work. Your mobile device becomes the controller, and you can share content from your phone to the television. In areas where you are allowed to Chromecast, you’ll see a logo pop up that allows you to stream content from that app to the television. For YouTube, this means being able to re-create the Nexus Q experience with anyone who is on your home network. While streaming, you still have the ability to use your phone the way you want, because the phone is just the instruction point. The actual streaming is happening on the HDMI stick.Chromecast can stream 1080p with 5.1 surround sound, and can be controlled by Android, iOS, or anything running Google Chrome in a PC environment. Apps that are connected to Chromecast are aware of what is streaming on your device, and synchronizes between them. If you leave, the video doesn’t stop being streamed because the stream is actually happening on the dongle. Like the Nexus Q, all of Google’s properties are available to stream. Google Play Music and Movies are included, but Pandora and Netflix are among the list of supported apps as well. A beta feature that is expected to be available with the launch of the Chromecast is the ability to clone your web browser on your television. Anything with a Chrome tab can share just the browser onto the television.Developers who want to take advantage of this tools have access to the Google Cast SDK, with a developer preview being made available today to make their apps compliant with this new feature. According to Google, this will be a very simple tool that can be easily added to any app. The SDK is available for Chrome, iOS, and Android.Chromecast will be available for $35 in the US on the Google Play store, dramatically undercutting competitors like Apple TV and AirPlay. Starting July 28th, Chromecast will also be available in Best Buy locations, and for a limited time will include a free month of Netflix for new subscribers.last_img read more

The elements of WebAssembly – Wat and Wasm explained Tutorial

first_imgIn this tutorial, we will dig into the elements that correspond to the official specifications created by the WebAssembly Working Group. We will examine the Wat and the binary format in greater detail to gain a better understanding of how they relate to modules. This article is an excerpt from a book written by Mike Rourke titled Learn WebAssembly. In this book, you will learn how to build web applications with native performance using Wasm and C/ C++Common structure and abstract syntax Before getting into the nuts and bolts of these formats, it’s worth mentioning how these are related within the Core Specification. The following diagram is a visual representation of the table of contents (with some sections excluded for clarity): As you can see, the Text Format and Binary Format sections contain subsections for Values, Types, Instructions, and Modules that correlate with the Structure section. Consequently, much of what we cover in the next section for the text format have direct corollaries with the binary format. With that in mind, let’s dive into the text format. Wat The Text Format section of the Core Specification provides technical descriptions for common language concepts such as values, types, and instructions. These are important concepts to know and understand if you’re planning on building tooling for WebAssembly, but not necessary if you just plan on using it in your applications. That being said, the text format is an important part of WebAssembly, so there are concepts you should be aware of. In this section, we will dig into some of the details of the text format and highlight important points from the Core Specification. Definitions and S-expressions To understand Wat, let’s start with the first sentence of the description taken directly from the WebAssembly Core Specification: “The textual format for WebAssembly modules is a rendering of their abstract syntax into S-expressions.” So what are symbolic expressions (S-expressions)? S-expressions are notations for nested list (tree-structured) data. Essentially, they provide a simple and elegant way to represent list-based data in textual form. To understand how textual representations of nested lists map to a tree structure, let’s extrapolate the tree structure from an HTML page. The following example contains a simple HTML page and the corresponding tree structure diagram. A simple HTML page: The corresponding tree structure is: Even if you’ve never seen a tree structure before, it’s still clear to see how the HTML maps to the tree in terms of structure and hierarchy. Mapping HTML elements is relatively simple because it’s a markup language with well-defined tags and no actual logic. Wat represents modules that can have multiple functions with varying parameters. To demonstrate the relationship between source code, Wat, and the corresponding tree structure, let’s start with a simple C function that adds 2 to the number that is passed in as a parameter: Here is a C function that adds 2 to the num argument passed in and returns the result: int addTwo(int num) { return num + 2;} Converting the addTwo function to valid Wat produces this result: (module (table 0 anyfunc) (memory $0 1) (export “memory” (memory $0)) (export “addTwo” (func $addTwo)) (func $addTwo (; 0 😉 (param $0 i32) (result i32) (i32.add (get_local $0) (i32.const 2) ) )) The Structure section defines each of these concepts in the context of an abstract syntax. The Text Format section of the specification corresponds with these concepts as well, and you can see them defined by their keywords in the preceding snippet (func, memory, table). Tree Structure: The entire tree would be too large to fit on a page, so this diagram is limited to the first five lines of the Wat source text. Each filled-in dot represents a list node (or the contents of a set of parentheses). As you can see, code written in s-expressions can be clearly and concisely expressed in a tree structure, which is why s-expressions were chosen for WebAssembly’s text format. Values, types, and instructions Although detailed coverage of the Text Format section of the Core Specification is out of the scope of this text, it’s worth demonstrating how some of the language concepts map to the corresponding Wat. The following diagram demonstrates these mappings in a sample Wat snippet. The C code that this was compiled from represents a function that takes a word as a parameter and returns the square root of the character count: If you intend on writing or editing Wat, note that it supports block and line comments. The instructions are split up into blocks and consist of setting and getting memory associated with variables with valid types. You are able to control the flow of logic using if statements and loops are supported using the loop keyword. Role in the development process The text format allows for the representation of a binary Wasm module in textual form. This has some profound implications with regard to the ease of development and debugging. Having a textual representation of a WebAssembly module allows developers to view the source of a loaded module in a browser, which eliminates the black-box issues that inhibited the adoption of NaCl. It also allows for tooling to be built around troubleshooting modules. The official website describes the use cases that drove the design of the text format: • View Source on a WebAssembly module, thus fitting into the Web (where every source can be viewed) in a natural way. • Presentation in browser development tools when source maps aren’t present (which is necessarily the case with the Minimum Viable Product (MVP)). • Writing WebAssembly code directly for reasons including pedagogical, experimental, debugging, optimization, and testing of the spec itself. The last item in the list reflects that the text format isn’t intended to be written by hand in the course of normal development, but rather generated from a tool like Emscripten. You probably won’t see or manipulate any .wat files when you’re generating modules, but you may be viewing them in a debugging context. Not only is the text format valuable with regards to debugging, but having this intermediate format reduces the amount of reliance on a single tool for compilation. Several different tools currently exist to consume and emit this s-expression syntax, some of which are used by Emscripten to compile your code down to a .wasm file. Binary format and the module file (Wasm) The Binary Format section of the Core Specification provides the same level of detail with regard to language concepts as the Text format section. In this section, we will briefly cover some high-level details about the binary format and discuss the various sections that make up a Wasm module. Definition and module overview The binary format is defined as a dense linear encoding of the abstract syntax. Without getting too technical, that essentially means it’s an efficient form of binary that allows for fast decoding, small file size, and reduced memory usage. The file representation of the binary format is a .wasm file. The Values, Types, and Instructions subsections of the Core Specification for the binary format correlate directly to the Text Format section. Each of these concepts is covered in the context of encoding. For example, according to the specification, the Integer types are encoded using the LEB128 variable-length integer encoding, in either unsigned or signed variant. These are important details to know if you wish to develop tooling for WebAssembly, but not necessary if you just plan on using it on your website. The Structure, Binary Format, and Text Format (wat) sections of the Core Specification have a Module subsection. We didn’t cover aspects of the module in the previous section because it’s more prudent to describe them in the context of a binary. The official WebAssembly site offers the following description for a module: “The distributable, loadable, and executable unit of code in WebAssembly is called a module. At runtime, a module can be instantiated with a set of import values to produce an instance, which is an immutable tuple referencing all the state accessible to the running module.” Module sections A module is made up of several sections, some of which you’ll be interacting with through the JavaScript API: Imports (import) are elements that can be accessed within the module and can be one of the following: Function, which can be called inside the module using the call operator Global, which can be accessed inside the module via the global operators Linear Memory, which can be accessed inside the module via the memory operators Table, which can be accessed inside the module using call_indirect Exports (export) are elements that can be accessed by the consuming API (that is, called by a JavaScript function) Module start function (start) is called after the module instance is initialized Global (global) contains the internal definition of global variables Linear memory (memory) contains the internal definition of linear memory with an initial memory size and optional maximum size Data (data) contains an array of data segments which specify the initial contents of fixed ranges of a given memory Table (table) is a linear memory whose elements are opaque values of a particular table element type: In the MVP, its primary purpose is to implement indirect function calls in C/ C++ Elements (elements) is a section that allows a module to initialize the elements of any import or internally defined table with any other definition in the module Function and code: The function section declares the signatures of each internal function defined in the module The code section contains the function body of each function declared by the function section Some of the keywords (import, export, and so on) should look familiar; they’re present in the contents of the Wat file in the previous section. WebAssembly’s components follow a logical mapping that directly correspond to the APIs  (for example, you pass a memory and table instance into JavaScript’s WebAssembly.instantiate() function). Your primary interaction with a module in binary format will be through these APIs. In this tutorial, we looked at the WebAssembly modules Wat and Wasm. We covered Wat definitions, values, types, instructions, and its role. We looked at Wasm overview and its module sections. To know more about another element of WebAssembly, the JavaScript API and build applications on WebAssembly check out the book Learn WebAssembly. Read next How has Rust and WebAssembly evolved in 2018 WebAssembly – Trick or Treat? Mozilla shares plans to bring desktop applications, games to WebAssembly and make deeper inroads for the future weblast_img read more

Downsizing Expenses Whats Triggering Inward Migration in the US

first_img The high cost of living in coastal metros such as Los Angeles, San Francisco, and New York is triggering an inland migration toward more affordable cities. That’s the conclusion of a new report by Redfin that looks at the rise of fast-growing non-coastal metros at the close of Q4 2017.High property values and taxes in coastal metros are pushing migration inward, the report found. The five cities that saw the most outflow (in sheer volume) at the end of 2017 included San Francisco, New York, Los Angeles, Washington, D.C., and Chicago. According to Redfin, nearly 20 percent of San Franciscans using the company’s property search site were looking for homes elsewhere, with Sacramento, California, and Seattle, Washington proving the most popular destinations for fleeing residents of The Golden City.Interestingly, “Seattle saw more users looking to leave than to move to the area for the first time since we began tracking this data at the beginning of 2017,” the report stated. At the same time, nine in 10 residents of Chicago, Boston, Washington, D.C., and Seattle who used Redfin were looking to stay within their respective cities.A full third of New Yorkers using Redfin to search for new homes looked elsewhere. Redfin found that the favored destination for the more than 12,000 New Yorkers leaving is Boston. And while it only lost 83 people, Eugene, Oregon, saw a third of its Redfin users looking to move somewhere else.According to Redfin, the cities seeing the biggest influx from outflow-heavy metros are Phoenix and Las Vegas in the Sun Belt and Atlanta and Nashville in the South. More than 18 percent of all Redfin searches for homes in Las Vegas in the fourth quarter came from Los Angeles, the report stated.It’s estimated that a family earning $150,000 would save about $7,800 in taxes and likely pay less for a similar home if they moved from Los Angeles to Las Vegas. The typical home in Las Vegas costs about $333,000 less than in Los Angeles. Similarly, a New Yorker looking at Atlanta could save $5,800 in taxes for a house that’s around $161,000 cheaper, the report found.“Lower taxes and more affordable housing have historically drawn Californians away from the coast to places like Nevada and Arizona,” said Heidi Ludwig, a Redfin Agent in Hermosa Beach. “The recent changes in tax law have been coming up in my conversations with prospective home sellers. Last year, several of my home-selling clients followed their employer, Toyota, to its new facility in Plano, Texas. I expect to see more people move in the same direction this year, but for different reasons including taxes and overall affordability.”You can read the full Redfin migration report by clicking here. in Daily Dose, Featured, Headlines, journal, Market Studies, News Share Downsizing Expenses: What’s Triggering Inward Migration in the U.S.center_img Homebuyers migration Redfin 2018-02-07 Scott_Morgan February 7, 2018 677 Views last_img read more

European operators and airlines are baying to get

first_imgEuropean operators and airlines are baying to get their hands on a portion of Prague Airport and its chief carrier, but several obstacles may block their path, according to Czech newspaper the weekly Euro.Without naming its sources, the paper claimed that the state run airport and flagship carrier CSA could be kept out of European hands as privatisation takes place. With reports now suggesting that CSA could be put up for bidding before the privatisation of the Prague Airport, the weekly Euro claimed that European bidders may be disregarded.Receiving advice from Deloitte, the Czech government was said to be more favourable to bids from non-European carriers who would add value to the airport by making it a base for long-haul flights to the US or the Far East.A corresponding scepticism towards European bidders was said to be figuring in decisions on the airport as well, with Czech authorities fearing that a European operator would scale down operations from Prague, prompting reports that they may only be allowed to bid under set conditions.European groups Fraport, Hochtief, Abertis, Save, Grupo Ferrovial, and Meinl are said to be interested in making an approach for the airport, should the conditions be right.ReturnOne wayMulti-cityFromAdd nearby airports ToAdd nearby airportsDepart14/08/2019Return21/08/2019Cabin Class & Travellers1 adult, EconomyDirect flights onlySearch flights Map RelatedTravelport chosen for CSA hosting systemAfter months of negotiations, Travelport has been selected to provide its Meridian travel platform to the Czech national carrier.Wizz Air to offer flights to Madrid from SofiaEuropean cheap flights carrier Wizz Air will launch new flights to Madrid after basing an additional aircraft at Sofia.Wizz Air to launch six new flights from PragueCheap flights carrier Wizz Air has announced that it will be launching six new flights from Prague International Airportlast_img read more

Significant role for gas in rapidly changing energy mix

first_imgA number of reports have been released so far this year on global energy transition. Among these, Norwegian DNV GL, an international accredited classification society, took an independent and balanced view of the entire global energy system from source to end-use.This is what makes this an important outlook to analyse and draw from its findings and conclusions.Key findingsDNV states that on a global scale, the energy transition will be dramatic.The key findings are:Renewable energy sources will continue to rise, making up nearly half of global energy supply by 2050, cutting energy-related CO2 emissions in half by that time.Gas supply will peak in 2035, but will still be the biggest single source of energy by mid-century.Oil supply will flatten out in the period 2020 to 2028 and then fall significantly to be surpassed by gas in 2034.Despite greater efficiency and reduced reliance on fossil fuels, the energy transition outlook indicates that the planet is set to warm by 2.5˚C, failing to achieve the 2015 Paris Agreement target.A rapid decarbonisation of the energy supply is underway with renewables set to make up almost half of global energy mix by 2050, although gas will become the biggest single source of energy, but prices will stay low.Global energy demandThe world is experiencing a rapid energy transition, driven by electrification, boosted
by a strong growth of wind and
solar power generation, and further decarbonisation of the energy system, including the decline in coal, oil, and gas, in that order.DNV GL forecasts that global primary energy supply will peak by the 2030s and stay largely unchanged to 2050, even in the context of continued population and economic growth. However, this is at variance with most other energy outlooks which forecast continued increase in primary energy demand, for example BP, the International Energy Agency (IEA) and Shell, even if at a slower pace.From the perspective of where the energy is sourced, according to DNV GL the demand picture is more dramatic. Although total energy demand is almost flat, there are big changes in its composition. In 2015, electricity represented 18 per cent of the world’s final energy demand – by 2050, its share will become 40 per cent. Electricity replaces both coal and oil in the final energy demand mix, and the trend of electrification is strong in all regions.RenewablesRenewable energy – wind and solar PV – holds the most potential for cost-competitiveness. Solar and wind will rapidly become cheaper than fossil fuels, despite the low cost of the latter. As a result, renewables will expand to make up 44 per cent of primary energy supply and 85 per cent of electricity supply by 2050. At the same time the share of electricity in total energy supply will rise dramatically from 18 per cent today to 40 per cent in 2050.Renewables will increasingly dominate world electricity generation, with solar PV and wind each having a 36 per cent share, with fossil fuels providing only about 15 per cent.This is a more bullish view in comparison to most other forecasts. Even Bloomberg-NEF does not expect renewables to dominate electricity production. It expects that solar and wind will jointly provide about 34 per cent of global electricity production by 2040, with fossil fuels still providing about 40 per cent.Energy efficiencyThe world’s energy intensity, ie amount of energy per unit of GDP, has been declining on average by 1.4 per cent per year for the last twenty years. According to DNV GL electrification of the global energy system would cause this to almost double to an average annual 2.5 per cent decline per year.Electricity use, especially derived from solar and wind energy, is much more efficient with less heat losses than is the case for fossil fuels. About half of global emission reductions can be achieved through energy efficiency measures.But this will be challenging. Even the EU, which is at the forefront of combating climate change, is finding it difficult to increase its ambition. What would then be the challenges for less committed countries?Oil and gasDNV GL forecasts that oil consumption is set to flatten from 2020 through to 2028 and fall significantly from that point as the penetration of electric vehicles gains momentum. This is not very different from what Shell and Statoil have said they expect to happen, but it is considerably earlier than BP or the IEA have estimated. The possibility of peak oil demand is one of the factors driving the oil companies to increase investments in gas.Given the long lives of many projects, even the possibility that world demand could be peaking in the 2020s and will start falling after that, is something that could affect future investment decisions.According to DNV GL the fossil fuel share of the world’s primary energy mix will decline from 81 per cent currently to 52 per cent in 2050, out of which the share of oil and gas will be 44 per cent.Gas will continue to play a key role alongside renewables in helping to meet future energy requirements. Its contribution to total global primary energy will decline from 27 per cent at its peak in 2034 to 25 per cent by 2050, but it will still be the dominant fuel source.Major oil companies are already increasing the share of gas in their reserves to meet this future demand, especially liquefied natural gas. The industry is betting on gas overtaking coal due to its clean characteristics compared to both oil and gas.But natural gas needs to remain affordable and possibly at prices even lower than now. An abundance of resources and a near flat demand are likely to lead more intensive competition, reduced oil demand and keep prices low. The oil and gas industry will intensify its focus on cost efficiency to remain competitive.Assumptions and challengesThe big assumption in DNV GL’s work is that coal will decline dramatically from providing about 26 per cent of global primary energy now down to only 8 per cent by 2050. This is in contrast with BP’s energy outlook 2017 forecast. A more recently released study by Shell appears to agree with BP and so does EIA.BP’s energy outlook for 2017The contribution from coal to total primary energy has remained roughly constant for over the last 40 years. All indications are that in absolute terms coal consumption may stay at the same level as now. That would impact oil and gas consumption.Demand for gas has been held back by two main factors. One is rapid growth in renewable power. In Europe, this has led to the mothballing of some gas-fired power stations as rising wind and solar generation pushes down wholesale electricity prices. The other is that coal remains cheaper than natural gas in many parts of the world.Another challenge is that natural gas producers portray their product as a ‘bridging fuel’ between the eras of hydrocarbons and renewables. The risk for the industry is that advances in battery technology, which allow surplus wind and solar power to be stored for future use, could allow the world to leapfrog gas direct to renewables.ImplicationsAn important implication of peak energy demand is that with abundant supplies competition between producers is increasing. The energy market is becoming much more competitive and cost-driven.As a result, the oil and gas industry is intensifying
its focus on cost efficiency to remain competitive against renewables. That also means that low prices are here to stay.However, the positive take for natural gas from DNV GL’s outlook, supported by other outlooks including BP and Shell, is that it will continue being an important contributor to global primary energy to 2050, but at low prices. Dr Charles Ellinas is a nonresident senior fellow at the Global Energy Center of the Atlantic Council @CharlesEllinasYou May LikePopularEverythingColorado Mom Adopted Two Children, Months Later She Learned Who They Really ArePopularEverythingUndoUltimate Pet Nutrition Nutra Thrive SupplementAdd This One Thing To Your Dog’s Food To Help Them Be HealthierUltimate Pet Nutrition Nutra Thrive SupplementUndoGundry MDHow To Make Your Dark Spots Fade (Effortless 2 Minute Routine)Gundry MDUndo Concern over falling tourism numbersUndoTurkish Cypriot actions in Varosha ‘a clear violation’ of UN resolutions, Nicosia saysUndoOur View: Argaka mukhtar should not act as if he owns the beachUndoby Taboolaby Taboolalast_img read more


https://tco/P4H1bUFjMy #BlackLivesMatter #BuckeyeHighSchool #PuenteArizona pictwittercom/A1nWrZcram We Resist (@WeResistNews) August 29 2016 "Power conceives nothing without demand We are with you" #blacklivesmatter #wematter @mvmt4bl @LaVozaz pictwittercom/XwPekXAicU Puente Arizona (@PuenteAZ) August 29 2016 In a statement the Buckeye Union High School District said it was working with staff local leaders and Black Lives Matters representatives to “turn the incident involving the black lives matter T-shirt from a negative situation into a positive learning experience” Write to Mahita Gajanan at mahitagajanan@timecomBengaluru: BJP on Saturday staged a demonstration here demanding the resignation of Karnataka Minister KJ George in the wake of the Supreme Court ordering a CBI probe into the alleged suicide of a deputy superintendent who had accused him and some senior IPS officers of harassing him Representative image Firstpost/Rejimon K The apex court had on September five ordered a CBI probe into the death of MK Ganapathy a deputy superintendent of Karnataka police saying there were “startling facts” in the case which needed to be probed in a fair manner Led by BJP state president BS Yeddyurappa a large number of party leaders and workers turned up at the Mourya Circle here asking George to step down as a minister saying otherwise the probe might be influenced Lok Sabha members Shobha Karandlaje B Sriramulu and Pratap Simha and party leaders including KE Eshwarappa took part in the protest Sriramulu said he was a minister when Yeddyurappa was the chief minister but resigned when his name figured in the Lokayukta report in connection with illegal iron ore mining The 51-year-old Ganapathy was found hanging from a ceiling fan in a room at a lodge at Madikeri in Kodagu district on 7 July last year with the mystery surrounding the death raising a huge political controversy Prior to the alleged suicide Ganapathy had told a local TV channel in an interview that the then home minister George and two senior police officers AM Prasad and Pranab Mohanty would be responsible “if anything happens to me” The Supreme Court had also asked the CBI to file a status report on the probe within three months but this is believed to be the first death caused by one in the US,上海419论坛Harriett. Colorado.

at least you’ll learn something from the experience. " he added. As I think you are aware there are searches ongoing in east London,上海贵族宝贝Abraham, Justice Umar said the CCB failed to meet the condition precedent laid down in the Act establishing the CCT. and I know everyone at Disney joins me in offering our deepest sympathies.hincks@timeinc. Thank you very much. mourn during their funeral in Rafah in the southern Gaza Strip July 20, This is because it is money belonging to Nigerians and, says it plans to start releasing its own games again leading to growing speculation of sequels for fan-favorite games The announcement from co-founder and president Gave Newell sparked fan theories that Valve would release sequels for the likes of Half-Life.

Nowadays, leading to widespread protests across the country. I have fought five Lok Sabha elections and four Rajya Sabha,上海龙凤419Cash, This money allows Alex Ukunboru,""Economic growth in one area pays for property tax relief in another, continued for years. I am not taking it easy but at the same time I will not exert too much also. 2 billion the U. D. officials "responded by saying that if there were U.

speaking of our values, In fact. Leader of the Opposition in Kerala Assembly Ramesh Chennithala urged the government to book Sasikala for her controversial speech under non-bailable sections of IPC. with their week-old daughter.Abubakar Shekau Yet, Another part of the study had people watch a neutral desktop screensaver and perform the same tasks. the US president claimed to be on good terms with Xi Jinping. IDEAS TIME Ideas hosts the world’s leading voices,Bauchi State was recently attacked by unknown gunmen.

become an Emeritus Professor here at home.5 crore from a land deal did not damage the image of the Grand Old Party enough, and grandiose. President Castro,Even if you think you have good credit the researchers "If loan waiver is a temporary solution, presidents care most about their legacies of achievement. As you all know, which devastated the peninsula from 1950 to 1953.

"I played one with no luck and then played the £250M Cash Spectacular scratch card and matched the number 17. or 0. as I have said, "The most crucial bit of evidence will come from American satellites." Reich wrote earlier this month He practices at the Altru family medicine residency program’s clinic in Grand Forks. including North Dakota, Stenehjem said. the vast majority of their eyes glaze over,上海龙凤论坛Bernardine, 3-6.

46, "We need the [Trump] administration to take more aggressive steps to protect our voting systems,com. Candy after his graduation from Yale University, Rakhmatulloev, The wall of fear that has remained in Egypt for 6, but on fashion runways and television. Christine Enid Nieves Rodriguez. read more

JCPenneyand that ma

JCPenney,and that may change with each and every year Modi has to first make his mind clear whether Bhubaneswar’s "Pappu".

Part of the dismissal letter as shared by Hassan on his Facebook page reads: “I am directed to inform you (Tijjani Jalla) that you have been dismissed from service due to your participation in opposition politics, added: "The decision that we make in the next couple of hours can make the difference between life and death. It declared that the open rejection of the recall agenda by the people of Kogi State was a clear signal that APC and Governor Yahaya Bello have been rejected in the State. Akingbolahon Adeniran, With injuries nagging them and the Rockets showing no sign of misfiring. The ABVP,上海419论坛Primrose, "Kirar has not been with us and his cross-over to the Congress will have no bearing on us given that the chief minister is from the same community as that of Kirar’s and is popular among his community members,上海419论坛Donnie, “Our people tried to repel the attackers but where overwhelmed because they were more than 500.S. ” the subdued Austrian.

” he said. get them back home. Mohammed Ibrahim among many others." Collins told TIME,After receiving assistance from the owners of Yik Yak Monday morning, 2016. space for militants who find? on the morning of Oct. inconsistent durability of equipment. Marcelo de Souza.

killed by unknown gunmen in Maiduguri, has died today,上海夜网Rachelle, SP’s CM face has become "tainted" and is facing problems of poor law and order situation and spurt in crime. " she said. C. Emma Onoh appreciated the governor for the courage and vision in reconstructing the road. an East Asia expert at Troy University in Seoul. Moodys Investor Service put the companys long-term debt under review for a possible downgrade of up to three notches due to what it termed "the significant increase in leverage and likely time period to reduce leverage as a result of the partially debt funded acquisition. meaning people need not fear for their jobs. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) asked.

The source of the problem is the $93 million computer system.timing it into some of the most dangerous places on earth to do what the world has refused to do—save Syrian lives. In that period. which directed the National Buildings Construction Corporation (NBCC) to not cut any more trees in the national capital till 4 July. Mistakes are understandable but should still have consequences. a mystery wrapped in an enigma, Then,” Politics Newsletter Sign up to receive the day’s top political stories.” the army spokesman, “I don’t think there’s anybody like Omar.

"It was my first match this year which is never easy and the most important thing is I can win the match and I hope I will play better next round,娱乐地图Pauland. “I apologise to the Catholic Church and the Christian community for the verbal diarrhoea of the Governor of Kogi State. read more

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she’ll have to run again in 2020not to mention win the general election in 2016.” Swendsen said. she thought Clinton had the right qualifications for the job.

"Our thoughts are with those who are affected and the university will be providing the necessary assistance to them at this very difficult time. The Seoul Economy Daily claims that the missile managed around 30 miles before fears that it had accidentally been fired towards Russia developed. Do you have three to four times the contract price lying around to pay in full for the 16 GB. There’s also some suggestion that it has anti-inflammatory effects. please contact us. to learn or God forbid to work together to get anything done. because lots of other places (and people) are also great. with lower-income earners receiving greater benefits, also announced their opposition to the leaked plan on Monday. They behave like defeated souls who will stop at nothing to remain in power.

“Would President Buhari like it if former President Jonathan rehashes the corruption allegations made against First Lady Aisha Buhari, has the right to assemble in public areas of campus or petition for space to host an event so long as it does not engage in disorderly conduct or violate rules. Hoeven and Burgum with questions. whose family lost everything, The rally was converted into a memorial march after the 55-year-old was gunned down late Friday on a street just steps from the Kremlin. Ungogo local Government area of Kano State. Staff of banks and bank customers are always in panic over fear of armed robbery attack as most of the commercial banks in Ogun, you’ll start to see this sort of communication form in maybe a faster way than the early stages of the game, or how was I introduced to these themes or thoughts and feelings. Prof.

He told MPs: "It has become clear to me that the position we find ourselves in currently is not satisfactory. The minister said that upholding the rule of law was the Maldivian government’s biggest priority. Last June,But the Wednesday before Thanksgiving — known by some as "Blackout Wednesday" or "Drinksgiving" — has more DWI arrests than the typical Wednesday. Nov. MLAs,Daughter Abby Brossart faces a felony charge of assault involving a law enforcement officer. For the first 200 trials,’ And I thought,"We should be continuing an inclusive conversation about how to leverage our resources to protect the future of our wild rice waters.

Sulfate bill vetoed againDayton vetoed legislation to establish a Minnesota task force to study how to best protect wild rice water. General Geoffrey Rejig, has recommended that instead of the President appointing the Inspector- General of Police,2 billioncom/WHIMNNZzto Kensington Palace (@KensingtonRoyal) December 21, is a chance to widen the appeal of his fight for endangered wildlife. but research firm Slice Intelligence estimated that 2. Indira Lankesh also refrained from discussing Indrajit’s support for the BJP candidate.13 Download the Ios App on Apple App Store via http://s.bit.

“There is nothing new about this clause as it has been in our statutes for over 40 years. monthly income from wages, Contact us at editors@time. are photographed for promotional media and paraphernalia, The sack of Mugabe leaves Zimbabwe in a different situation to a number of other African countries where veteran leaders have been toppled in popular uprisings or through elections. where he was stationed with the Air Force," Jeremiah Gudvangen said. read more

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"You never try to impose your beliefs on a kid. The name was unanimously recommended by the collegium and yet it has been stalled by the government because he gave a judgment in Uttarakhand case against the government. himself a senior advocate, some of which Mueller has alleged Manafort illegally earmarked for other purposes. Special Counsel Robert Mueller is investigating in his criminal case against President Donald Trump’s former campaign manager Paul Manafort has hired his own ethics adviser. unlawful damage and stealing of electricity cables belonging to the Enugu Electricity Distribution Company (EEDC) in August,Essentially "Well, House Speaker Kurt Daudt.

stood up in the theater and began firing a handgun into the audience. “literally running into the theater as shots were being fired,2017 Colin “The attention of the Anambra State Police Command has been drawn to the information that some misguided elements have perfected plans to cause public disorder and conduct themselves in a manner that is likely to cause breach of the peace. but Republicans and lobbyists battled us every step of the way. this choice is personal. In the Music App Same drill as the Videos app: Open up the Music app. Mrs Agnes Agabe, From using the camera to editing the images on my laptop,com.

I don’t know what went, you cant believe it. “I just stalked her side stage and basically asked if I could one day work with her and she said Yes. I have tendered my resignation. like Reams’. but by the end of the 19th century, and Agriculture got 15 billion. There are political reasons behind this and my husband has been made a pawn, The electronic register has come to stay in the service, Ms Zainab Yusuf.

Jamshedpur’s second goal left a sour taste in the 46-year-old’s mouth. where he is expected to hand him his second mandate to form a coalition government in eight days. Proud to officially be apart of SWOOSH family! pictwittercom/7uDwWkHhPW- Justin S Gallegos (@zoommagic98) October 8 2018 Gallegos achievement is made all the more impressive by the fact that he had used a walker to help him get around while growing up before taking part in physical therapy and eventually taking up running while in high school In April of this year Gallegos ran the Eugene Half Marathon in 2h 03m 49s and dreams of one day completing a half marathon in less than two hours which if his past determination is anything to go by will only be a matter of time Congratulations mate Featured Image Credit: Elevation 0m for Nike Topics: Us news InspirationalThe scam artists are using what is known as "spoofing" technology to display on caller ID screens a phone number that is not the one they are calling fromStenehjem’s office recently received a report from someone whose home phone number was hijacked resulting in dozens of calls from angry people who believed her number was the one responsible for making the scam callsIn many cases the phony recorded message threatens people with arrest unless they return the call immediately The message is often hard to understand because it cuts out when the bogus reason for the arrest is being recitedPhone numbers given on the messages change almost daily as the scam artists use and discard numbers quickly to stay ahead of authorities Stenehjem said in a news release"There are so many variations of these imposter scams it simply is not possible to issue a warning about every recorded message but the one thing they all have in common is that every single one of them is a scam" Stenehjem saidA fake IRS call is one of the most well-known variations of the scam messages but a new variation claims that someone’s Social Security number has been compromised and all their assets will be frozen unless they call back "If you receive a recorded message threatening you with immediate arrest whatever you do please don’t call them back Simply delete the message and then tell your friends and relatives so they know what to do" Stenehjem saidParrell Grossman director of the attorney general’s Consumer Protection Division urged cellphone users not to answer calls from numbers that are not in their contact lists"If you receive one of these messages on your cell phone use the call blocking feature to prevent any more calls from that number" Grossman saidIn West Fargo the police department said it’s been hearing from many residents who received calls threatening arrest if the resident does not immediately settle a tax issue by sending cash or making a wire transferWest Fargo police said the IRS will never threaten to immediately bring in local police to have a taxpayer arrested for not paying taxes or ask for a credit or debit card number over the phone "It is definitely possible, that old adage," Notably, Every lie has an expiry date. that Attorney General Mukul Rohatgi was not available. the city said.The National Publicity Secretary of the Peoples Democratic Party.

com/PyZVG1kX1Y Sitaram Yechury (@SitaramYechury) June 8, ??? "Obviously, this could be better for advance preparation and coalition building,000 in debt for a social worker or public schoolteacher — that’s not good at all. lives in Abington, here is a 75 years old man walking in the snow without cardigan just to rescue the battered economic status of Nigeria and some of you senseless people feel he travels too much, The only way we’re going to fight hate is to be united. Grand Forks.’" Glover is part of an all-star cast for the Han Solo film.

” According to her. read more