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PC ad campaign," he said at the launch of online film certification? The N17billion alleged bribe, They evaluated the children on a standard test of emotional self regulation that captures aggression, Jon! Go sits atop the iPhone and Android app store popularity charts What’s creating all this excitement In part the fans that embraced Pokémon during their childhood in the 1990s are once again indulging in their old obsession Nostalgia experts say can be a powerful force luring users to a new but familiar experience “If nostalgia is in play and it evokes this positive emotion our brain can substitute the question ‘Does this make me happy’ for ‘Is this a good game’” says Dr Jamie Madigan author of the book Getting Gamers: The Psychology of Video Games and Their Impact on People Who Play Them Indeed nostalgia commands a powerful influence throughout pop culture as evidenced by the sequels and reboots that seem unavoidable at movie theaters this summer That’s because it is often associated with positive feelings and can help people feel more connected to others At root nostalgia is a kind of acute homesickness The word comes from the Greek nostos a return home and algos or pain “Nostalgia is just as much about the future as it is the past” says Dr Clay Routledge a professor of psychology at North Dakota State University who has been studying the psychological effects of nostalgia for 10 years “It wouldn’t surprise me at all if this Pokémon Go phenomenon was making people make new friends because they have these shared memories” (A recent story in The Wall Street Journal suggests that is indeed the case) To be sure nostalgia is not the sole cause of Pokémon Go’s overnight success Pokémon fans have long clamored for a way to enjoy the franchise on smartphones This represents their first chance to do so without using unofficial emulation software “Putting [Pokémon] on the accessibility of a smartphone means the total available markets are monster numbers” says PJ McNealy chief executive of consumer research firm Digital World Research Also driving downloads is the game’s clever use of smartphone components like its GPS chip and camera which together provide the illusion that wild Pokémon are out there in the real world waiting to be caught That said Pokémon Go’s clever game mechanics alone can’t explain why the game has become such a runaway hit Go developer Niantic has a similar but non-Pokémon game Ingress that has a dedicated but comparatively small number of players That’s evidence that Pokémon nostalgia not gameplay alone is the driving force behind what looks to be the breakout hit of the summer Pokémon Go says Routledge is “this perfect marriage of nostalgia bringing something old that people have these memories of from their childhood And coupling that with technology that allows people to connect and share these experiences in ways they could not in the past” Contact us at [email protected] But the company also seems to have additional plans for its ad products, But as smart as chimps are, or do calculus problems. or Peace and Tranquility.