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Ortom replied: “I am very open.99 per KG.twitter. “I agree with animal experimentation for all types of research where there is no alternative” only 47% of respondents say yes And the positive response to the comparable question in the new survey is even lower Only 37% say “it is acceptable to use animals for all types of research where there is no alternative” Despite these subtleties UK scientists believe the surveys show that the public will stand behind them if they speak out “In the past many scientists were understandably afraid of talking about their use of animals but the climate has very much changed” says Frances Rawle head of policy at the Medical Research Council “We encourage our researchers to be open about this work because it’s important that the public … are aware that research using animals is still an important and very necessary part of medical science” At the same time the new survey reveals that many people don’t understand what animal research is now being done and how it is regulated For example nearly one in three say that scientists in the United Kingdom can use animals to test cosmetics even though the practice has been banned for more than 15 years Only 30% feel they are “well informed” about the use of animals in research and some 55% would like to know more about efforts to find alternatives and improve animal welfare That level of ignorance worries government officials “It is of concern that most people feel uninformed about the use of animals in research” BIS’s Brown says “The lack of knowledge could be impacting people’s view of the need for animal research and their perception of the regulatory system around it”” By comparison, Featured Image Credit: Facebook/Pinellas County Animal Services Topics: Uk news Us news Animals A 38-year-old woman, Though the replacement comes after rumours spread that Shekau had been killed or replaced as the leader has not made a verified video appearance for the past few years. Britain France Germany Russia and China on the other could open up a lucrative new market as Western sanctions are lifted The removal of sanctions would also free up Iranian assets frozen abroad "A deal… would be great it would create a hope for the future among Iranians it would lower their stress levels It would also be a sort of détente with the US which is an important step for building possible future relations" says Amir Mohebbian a Tehran-based political analyst considered close to influential conservative circles “But more importantly it will allow new foreign capital to be invested inside Iran" This could help the country grow again says Rocky Ansari a leading financial and business advisor for foreign firms looking to invest and trade with Iran Though rich in oil Irans economy has suffered in recent years with the country falling into recession while unemployment and inflation both remain high "The impact of lifting sanctions will make a significant contribution to helping the economy come out of recession more rapidly the freeing of Irans assets will help the government expedite the recovery of the economy" says Ansari "It will boost confidence in the government and the future and allow it to plan more substantially for the coming years We would see a reflection of that in the Tehran Stock Exchange People will be able to commit themselves to long term projects and investment" He concedes however that such changes will take time "It will obviously take some time to implement policies But even ahead of that the business community the economy will be very pleased to hear that the sanctions will be gradually lifted trade will be made easier and that financial transactions with the international banking system would take place more easily and at much lower cost so this will be all very good news" says Ansari Not everyone in the country is as optimistic Hossein Ghasemzadeh a merchant at Tehrans Grand Bazaar the Iranian capitals sprawling centuries-old trading center says the recent economic slump has been toughest hes ever experienced "Ive been working for 42 years in this Bazaar but never have I experienced such hard and stressful times as the last six years Even the revolution and the war period were better than now Customers are few and the profit margin is too low for comfort with the unstable economy today" he explains But Ghasemzadeh who sells home and kitchen appliances doesnt blame the sanctions imposed by foreign powers "The main cause of the unstable economy the reason we have so much problems is not the sanctions but the incompetence of the officials" says Another merchant Mohammad Arjmand who sells clothes agrees "Of course no sanction is better than sanctions but its not going to change much because most of the countrys economic problems have nothing to do with sanctions" he says "The economy the country everything has been getting worse every year the main problem is bad management and incompetence by the government Thats why the lifting of sanctions wont change anything for us" The merchants skepticism is shared by Saeed Laylaz an economist and professor at the Shahid Beheshti University in Tehran He says that while removing sanctions will have long term benefits for the Iranian economy it wont by itself fix everything "The main cause of Irans economic woes and Ive always said this is corruption mismanagement and bad policies by the government especially during the tenure of the former president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad" he says "The effect of sanctions on Iranian economy has been exaggerated and the belief that the lifting of sanctions will jump start the economy and miraculously solve all of Irans economic troubles is also disproportionate" Ultimately what impact a deal in Viennaif there is onemight have on the Iranian economy will likely depend on how the government responds to any easing of the sanctions regime New policies will have to be formulated as the economy isolated for so long from the international markets opens up And its in this area says Mohebbian that the government needs to tread with care "What will really happen when all of the blocked assets and foreign investment capital starts to arrive inside Iran" asks Mohebbian "The government has no economic scenarios for the day after the deal" "Im warning the government that they shouldnt think they will have an easy job in the economy after a deal" he says "Iran had by trial and error learnt how to deal with the sanctions but if a sudden influx of capital is not properly managed and controlled if instead of infrastructure creating jobs and medical care it is spent on consumerism than it will magnify the wealth gap significantly If that happens and I fear that the government has no plans in place to prevent it than instead of improving social welfare the nuclear deal could ultimately cause social unrest" Contact us at [email protected] volcanic explosion caused by hot magma streaming into snow on Mount Etna injured 10 people on Thursday The volcano Mount Etna on the Italian island of Sicily has had three eruptions over roughly three weeks Rocks propelled into the air by the blast rained down on people observing the lava flow including members of a BBC News video crew BBC reports “Many injured – some head injuries burns cuts and bruises” tweeted BBC reporter Rebecca Morelle who was present on Mount Etna Caught up in incident at Mount Etna – bbc crew & tourists caught up in huge explosion – caused injuries and evacuation from scene (1) Rebecca Morelle (@BBCMorelle) March 16 2017 Lava flow mixed with steam – caused huge explosion – group pelted with boiling rocks and steam (2) Rebecca Morelle (@BBCMorelle) March 16 2017 Emergency services said 10 people were injured and six were taken to a hospital according to Italian officials Reuters reports Morelle said that a volcanologist on-site told her it was the most dangerous explosion or situation he’s seen in 30 years on the job She also reported that all members of the BBC crew were safe though some experienced some minor injuries Mount Etna is the tallest volcano in Europe and began erupting at the end of February Reminder of how dangerous & unpredictable volcanoes can be – everyone had a very lucky escape (7) Rebecca Morelle (@BBCMorelle) March 16 2017 Running down a mountain pelted by rocks dodging burning boulders and boiling steam – not an experience I ever ever want to repeat (8) Rebecca Morelle (@BBCMorelle) March 16 2017 [BBC] Write to Julia Zorthian at [email protected] Modi called for special initiatives to end all such ills in the next five years,Square works as a bank for businesses and allows money to funnel solely through the app.Credit: Chronicle Live WS"I will literally sit and sort through all the coins.

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