first_imgA powerpoint slide reads: My name is Vijendar Kumar Jain. I am 77 and I live in Ayudham society. Vijendar, sitting alongside his peers -both young and older one’s-practices his typing skills: the one’s he had learnt years ago which were fading out with the passage of time. Ayudham, a society for old, infirm and underprivileged children got a headway into the technologically savvy world with its newly formed computer training centre. Extending its corporate social responsibility, Airport Authority of India recently contributed 20 computers to the training centre at Ayudham Society. Inaugurating the facility, V P Agrawal, the chairman of AAI said that the computer training centre is designed to facilitate basic computer skills for the children and assist the children from nearby underprivileged communities in practicing and doing homework as per the course curriculum of their school. The centre will also have the facility for accessing web based information for elderly inmates of the home. Also Read – ‘Playing Jojo was emotionally exhausting’The society, which is a home for elderly and children, is situated on the peripheries of Delhi in Najafgarh. It is a unique concept that creates a community experience for the young and elderly inhabiting it. Above all it caters to the psychological vaccuum of their lives by offering a community lifestyle. The older inmates, belonging to the weaker sections of society are given a concession here, while the underprivileged children follow a disciplined lifestyle with a free of cost admission.  VK Jain, an aged inmate revels in the peace of mind he finds here. Considering its location in a pollution free area away from the clasps of Delhi, Ayudham is a bliss for its residents. The society even featured in the Amir Khan’s  show Also Read – Leslie doing new comedy special with NetflixSatyamev Jayate, says the caretaker, Pramod Kumar. Perhaps that also amplified its popularity as if finds guest members writing in and coming from international destinations after watching that episode.In the inaugural speech, AAI’s chairman emphasised the need for participation of senior citizen living in the NGO to come forward and help the children learn real life skills. In that way, the new computer training centre is a befitting platform for the interaction between the young and old in the society.last_img