first_imgRemember when building an elevator or a flaming arrow launcher in Minecraft was pretty sweet? You have to set your sights a little higher these days, like building a freaking Game Boy Advance that plays Pokemon.Yes, someone built a Game Boy Advance inside Minecraft and then they actually got it to play a Pokemon Fire Red ROM. This insane creation is the work of YouTuber Reqaug, who already had some pretty impressive builds on his resume — like an incredibly detailed X-Wing, a teleportation system, and a neat little stereo system.His latest creation was made possible by the magic of structure blocks, which arrived in the 1.9 update back in the summer of 2015. Last month’s Forstburn update brought additional structure block functionality, and now here we are: a block-built GBA in a Minecraft world that’s playing Pokemon. It’s a pretty unbelievable sight to behold:AdChoices广告No, you can’t battle, and no, there’s no dialog… but still, it’s Pokemon Fire Red running inside Minecraft. There must be some kind of trickery going on here, right? Like a cleverly composited video or a heavily modded install?Nope, this is happening in a plain vanilla Minecraft install and it’s the result of three long weeks of hard work (somewhere around 60 hours in total) with structure blocks according to the creator. If you’re still not totally convinced then you can find out for yourself. Reqaug has made his crazy GBA/Pokemon build available for anyone who wants to download it over on Planet Minecraft.last_img