first_imgAfter 24 hours of consistently negative responses from fans and a Reddit AMA that can only be described as brutal, Twitch has released a new blog post outlining edits to their previous changes. The bad new is that copyrighted music mute blocks are still going to happen for all recorded sessions, but there’s a silver lining to be appreciated.While some view the changed being made over at to be somehow preparing for an acquisition, it feels more like the budding startup is finally doing something to manage the cost of their gaming empire.Twitch is available on just about every device nowadays, and the service still relies heavily on players to produce content, losing themselves for hours watching games in the process. Responses to policy changes that would mute music from copyrighted sources and seriously limit how long you could save recorded game sessions have forced Twitch to compromise, leading to an appeal button for flagged content and some adjustments to the stored video policy.The precious decision to limit recordings were based on usage, according to Twitch. Next to no one watched a video stream 14 days after it was published, and as a result the company decided to purge recorded videos that were older than that for free accounts and older than 60 days for paid accounts.Additionally, if you wanted to create a highlight reel from your game sessions you could only make them two hours long. This causes a problem for speedruns, which are obviously longer than two hours but still something that requires a single video to demonstrate your successful speedrun. Recognizing this, Twitch has reversed the highlight policy and made it so these videos have no maximum time limit.Twitch has done well to listen to their users, but the outrage caused by the original posts means many of the top players on Twitch are considering using alternative services to stream their games. While Twitch has certainly demonstrated they are willing to compromise on these matters, it’s possible there’s still more fallout to come from these decisions.last_img