first_imgYesterday Sony revealed during Gamescom that it was set to offer a PS3 to PS4 upgrade program for certain games. What that means is, select titles that you choose to purchase for the PS3, can also be purchased on the PS4 at a greatly reduced price. In other words: buy current gen, then upgrade to next-gen for a few dollars. Such a program should keep gamers purchasing key games on their PS3 knowing they’ve got an easy and cheap upgrade path when the PS4 is available to buy.Activision has now confirmed that Call of Duty: Ghosts will be one of the games included in the program along with the price of upgrading. Where as typically you’d expect to spends $60 purchasing the game for each new system, Activision will offer you the PS4 version for just $10 if you first purchase the PS3 version. However, that’s a limited time offer, which suggests to me that they’ll stop doing it as soon as the PS3 version starts dropping in price at retail.Xbox 360 owners aren’t being left out, though. The same deal will be offered through retailers including Amazon and GameStop rather than directly. You’ll also be able to transfer all your Season Pass content over the Xbox One, too.If you intend to take part in this upgrade program on PS3, you’ll only actually have to play the game on your PS3 for 10 days. Ghosts will be available to buy on November 5, and the PS4 is confirmed as launching on November 15 with Ghosts  expected to be a launch title.last_img