first_imgLou Brancaccio is The Columbian’s editor emeritus. His column of personal opinion appears the first Saturday of every month. Reach him at [email protected] Liz Pike is an odd duck.OK, hold on. Before you go all Conor McGregor on me, I consider myself an odd duck, as well. But Pike — who is our state representative from the 18th Legislative District — is an odd duck in a Trumpish kind of way.You know, insecure, because even though she’s been a state representative since 2012, there are a bunch of brainiacs up in Olympia, and she doesn’t quite fit. Trump feels the same way about D.C. Also like Trump, her allies in the capital are shrinking. Filled with hope and the energy of a newbie five years ago, now she has few people to turn to during the legislative session.So Pike says she’ll run for the county chair position in about a year. But does she think she has a realistic chance? Does anybody think she has a chance?I texted Pike a few days ago asking her if we could talk about all this. She didn’t recognize my number and asked me for my name. I told her. I didn’t hear from her again.That’s too bad. I really did want to chat. I’m a chatty kind of guy!Frankly, it wasn’t all that long ago when we had a pretty good relationship. We’d go out to coffee. I’d call, and she even invited me over to her place for a gathering. But then she got all cozy with David Madore. I called her out several times on this and, well, I was out.last_img