first_img I may not know much about the inner workings of electronics. But I know not to take a bite out of a smartphone battery.Last week, while reportedly shopping for a replacement iPhone battery in China, a man chomped down on the gadget, causing a small-but-startling explosion.Perhaps he wanted to test the battery’s quality … like a pirate would test the quality of gold?Video of the incident was captured on the store’s security camera and posted online last week, garnering millions of views since Saturday.Keep an eye on the left side of the screen (screenshot via Miaopai video)As you can see in the short clip, the man stands over a counter, holding the battery to his mouth. And while the biting action is not overt, it’s not hard to see what happens next.No sooner has the customer sunk his teeth into the power unit then it detonates in his face, scattering shocked onlookers, none of whom seem too concerned about the fireball.According to Taiwan News, the blast miraculously left the madman and his presumed female companion (in the white coat and grey purse) unscathed. (Though I can only hope his ego was burned.)The Internet was quick to respond, calling the guy out for gnawing on a lithium-ion battery like a steamed bun. But, as Taiwan News pointed out, Chinese electronics stores are notorious for selling fake goods. So, while the unidentified man was rightfully skeptical, this was a pretty dumb move.And kabloom! (screenshot via Miaopai video)“In his defense, Apple’s logo does have a bite out of it,” one Redditor theorized, as reported by Taiwan News. “Had this been a real battery it would have performed flawlessly.”Cupertino recently landed in hot water when the company admitted it deliberately slows older iPhones to prevent damage.To “address customer concerns,” the tech giant has reduced the price of out-of-warranty iPhone 6 and higher battery replacements and promised an iOS software update “that gives users more visibility into the health of their iPhone’s battery.” Study: Teen Tech Time Not to Blame For Poor Mental HealthRugged BlackBerry Clone With QWERTY Keyboard Hits Kickstarter Stay on targetcenter_img Let us know what you like about Geek by taking our survey.last_img