first_imgLast month, a transcript from a Georgia court briefly took certain corners of the internet by storm. Uploaded to imgur, several pages of the hearing consist of the defendant and the judge yelling at each other. THIS IS THE BEST COURTROOM TRANSCRIPT OF ALL TIME.— Keith Lee (@associatesmind) June 22, 2016Rick and Morty season three still hasn’t had an official premiere date announced, but Adult Swim wanted the show to have a presence at this year’s San Diego Comic-Con.Warning – everything that follows is very NSFW.At the Rick and Morty Live panel at the Adult Swim on the Green Comic-Con venue, series co-creators Justin Roiland and Dan Harmon revealed a special Rick and Morty animatic based on that Georgia court transcript.Basically the only coherent part without a ton of curse words.If you’re unaware of the transcript, this may seem like a puzzling way to promote a cartoon show, but if you have read the transcript you’re aware of how vulgar and hilarious it is. The transcript excerpt begins with the defendant requesting a new attorney for his case under allegations that the public defender asked the defendant for oral sex.What followed was a profanity-laden rant about dicks, butts, and masturbating, culminating with the defendant bringing more charges down on his head by threatening to kill the judge’s whole family.Really, there couldn’t be a more Rick and Morty like escalation in such a short period of time. Someone on the Rick and Morty staff must have realized this, because they got Roiland (who does the voices for both Rick and Morty) to read the transcript with Morty as the judge and Rick as the defendant. They took that audio and had the Rick and Morty storyboard team animate it so they could present it at Comic-Con.It’s no Rick and Morty season three, but it’s the next best thing to any Rick and Morty fan.last_img