first_imgToday is the day when many a gamer will be calling in sick or has booked the day off work. That’s because GTA V has been released and is set to consume many days, weeks, and even months of play time if you count Grand Theft Auto Online unlocking on October 1st.Rockstar has decided to embrace mobile devices for this version of GTA, and yesterday released a complimentary app for GTA V. It’s called Grand Theft Auto: iFruit and is available on the App Store. And by playing it, you can influence your experience in GTA V.GTA: iFruit is split into several sections. As well as receiving the latest GTA V news, you can login to the Rockstar Games Social Club and use the parody social network LifeInvader. But there’s also creation and training options to take advantage of.Los Santos Customs allows you to create your own vehicles from GTA V including giving them custom paint jobs, hood and wheel designs, and tweaking the suspension and accessories. You can also create and order your own custom license plate that can then be used in both GTA V and Grand Theft Auto Online. That’s a great way of personalizing the experience and allowing you to continue “playing” GTA away from your console.Then there’s Chop the Dog to train. Yes, Rockstar has included a virtual pet trainer as part of the app, only this is Chop, who is Franklin’s dog in GTA V. By caring for and training Chop using the app, he becomes more of a benefit in the main game. These benefits include being more obedient to Franklin, performing tricks, and more easily discovering hidden items when out on a walk. You can also earn credits to get Chop new collars to wear.GTA: iFruit is a free app for iOS that’s available to download right now through the App Store. And if you won’t be able to play GTA V during the day due to work, at least you can train Chop and create a custom license plate on your lunch break or commute home.last_img