first_imgIt seems that airport security and the observations of the human eye are no longer enough, as researchers at the University of Arizona are in deep development of a deception detection machine that will eventually be installed into airports to help officers detect if a person is telling the truth or not (i.e a lie detector).The tech has been dubbed the Automated Virtual Agent for Truth, but thankfully we won’t have to repeat this long sentence because it has been shortened to Avatar.In practice the ATM-sized Avatar is quipped with a HD camera, infrared sensors and a microphone. It uses these to detect facial expressions and the voice of each subject, not just what is said, but how a person says it.However, the main focus will be on the eyes, after-all this has always been the main giveaway when people are trying to tell a fib, so the machine will use an infrared sensor to detect eye dilation and movement.To be honest, I applaud the researchers attempts at pulling this off, but I can’t see it working in the real-world. After all, people with medical conditions or speech impediments would surely cause the machine more than a little difficulty. It also only seems to understand English making it unworkable for anyone who doesn’t speak the language. We also guess it’s going to have a lot of difficulty with accents, again causing an issue and holding up the line. Maybe with the help of Google and its instant speech translation it could eventually become universal?However if they do manage to combat this, and it works, I will take my hat off to them. While writing about this new technology I just couldn’t help but think of the classic Simpsons episode which sees Mo strapped into a lie detector.You can view Avatar in action over at KOLD News 13.Read more at PHYSORGlast_img