← Previous Story Veselin Vujovic is no longer PPD Zagreb coach! Next Story → Bertus Servaas about Janc: We want him, but it won’t be easy Ante AncicRK PPD Zagreb RK PPD Zagreb and Veselin Vujovic are no more a part of the same story! Two sided parted by mutual agreement on Monday after 0-4 start in the VELUX EHF Champions League. However, club’s director Ante Ancic was said to annunce news about Vujovic’s departure:Unfortunately, our budget don’t support qualities of coach level of Veselin Vujovic, so we agreed that he can take Slovenian national team in order to reach his real financial potential on the market. That allowed us to keep him on longer period and him to earn properly. However, that was ok for some period of time, before Rio. Absence of our coach for three months due Olympic Games is the main reason for our bad results at VELUX EHF Champions League. Now, we knew that Vujovic would find the way from the crisis, but what will happen in December, when he went out for month and a half with Slovenia for France 2017? Who will prepare the team for the second part of the season. That’s why our decision is like this. We need coach 24 hours dedicated to the club next eight months. I believe that Vujovic will stay friend of our club and that there will be chance to come back on bench in the future – said Ancic and added:People underestimate strenght of Meshkov Brest, which budget is without border. Atman and Kristopans earnings are equal of wages of whole Zagreb squad – concluded PPD Zagreb director.Mandatory Credit ©SEHA/ Uroš Hočevar.