Rabat – With the ongoing boycott campaign in full swing, Moroccan Youtuber Mustapha Swinga has released a video to help the public understand hydrocarbon prices in Morocco. On his Youtube page, “Aji Tfhem (Come and Understand),” he explains it all.In the 17-minute video, posted to his page, the Youtuber uses quantifiable details to explain the relationship between the prices of a barrel of oil and the prices of different types of hydrocarbons.The video illustrates how businesses use different kinds of hydrocarbons and reviews the historical background of oil in Morocco, including the creation and sale of the oil giant, Samir. The “Aji Tfem” video went viral on social media, trending at number 6 on Youtube Morocco, with more than 524,000 views in three days.The video, titled “How to Understand the Prices of Hydrocarbon in Morocco” follows the wave of boycotts by Moroccan citizens against the exorbitant prices of Sidi Ali mineral water, Centrale Laitière dairy products, and Afriquia gasoline company.The boycott campaign has already resulted in significant financial consequences for the companies, as confirmed by recent financial statistics reported by Al-Massae and Akhbar Al Yaoum.With over 80,000 subscribers on his YouTube channel, over 530,000 fans on his Facebook page, and hundreds of thousands of views per video, Mustapha El Fekkak, also known as Mustapha Swinga, has quickly made a name for himself on the web.In less than two years, he has established himself as one of the most influential bloggers in Morocco.