Rabat – King Mohammed VI launched, on Monday, important road and urban development projects to solve the problems of mobility inside the city of Rabat and in its suburbs and improve the living conditions of local populations for a provisional investment nearing MAD 1.5 billion.An integral part of the 2014-2018 Rabat development integrated program dubbed: “Rabat city of lights, Morocco’s cultural capital”, these projects consist of redeveloping the bypass n1 linking the Casablanca-Rabat highway to that of Rabat-Fez, building an urban bypass n 2 linking the city of Rabat to Sale, burying four 60 KV High Voltage Lines Zaer-Agdal and developing the Abderrahim Bouabid avenue.These projects, will help with the city’s traffic congestion, improve road and people security, and positively impact the environment thanks to the drop in air pollution rate and the reduction of noise pollution. Worth 710 million dirhams, the project of redeveloping the urban bypass n1 will cover 18 kilometers. It will be carried out as part of a partnership between the equipment ministry and the Rabat urban commune. This project provides for redeveloping the existing interchanges, building five tunnels, broadening 2 road structures and turning the bypass into a three-lane road.As for the project of constructing the urban bypass n2 (MAD 520 billion), it will offer the citizens a new crossing of the Bouregreg river, a practical solution to mobility problems between the cities of Rabat and Sale due to the mounting pressure on the Hassan II and Moulay Youssef bridges and the crowding at central crossroads in the two cities.The future bypass will consist of developing an urban 8km-long boulevard, constructing a tunnel at the level of the Mohammed VI avenue crossroads in Rabat, and building an above-ground passage to restore traffic at the crossroads of Zarbia road and Sale.This project will be carried out by the Bouregreg Valley development agency and provides for constructing a viaduct on the Bouregreg river and hydraulic facilities, in addition to developing green areas and planting trees along the bypass.Worth MAD 130 million, the project of burying four 60 KV High Voltage Lines (Zaer-Agdal), which will span 12 months, consists of burying underground the 60 KV High Voltage Lines n73/75 and 77/79 stretching along the Abderrahim Bouabid, Ibn Rochd and Maâ El Aynine avenues.The project of developing the Abderrahim Bouabid avenue (130 mln MAD) concerns broadening the avenue to make it a three-lane road, improving public lighting, setting up urban real estates, and developing green areas.