first_imgHere are some of the best quotes from the postgame in Saturday’s Baylor-OSU tilt.Mike Gundy on what lost it for OSU“This game’s pretty easy to see. You travel on the road, turn the ball over three times and then defensively you give up way too many big plays. We got away with that last week. We had two turnovers that cost us points and we gave up big plays and we were able to overcome it. But now you’re traveling down here and playing a good team, and when you’re moving the ball and you turn it over, you just shoot yourself in the foot and then when you give up big plays, when you have them backed up against the wall, it’s hard to beat a good team. It’s really pretty simple.”Gundy on why he was upset after the game“Right, yeah, I mean, I’m not going to try to hide it. You can tell by looking at me, and I told the team the same thing. You have to learn to take care of the ball and you have to learn to quit giving up so many big plays on defense. Pretty easy press conference for me.”Jim Grobe on why he went for it on his own 30“Honestly, you’re talking about the time we were backed up inside the 30-yard line? That was totally my fault. We go pretty fast offensively, especially if we’ve got a short yardage situation, and somehow I had clicked my headset the wrong way and I was yelling, “Punt the ball! Punt the ball! Punt the ball!” And KB (offensive coordinator Kendal Briles) goes so fast, that before I could run down and grab him, we had run the play. So you know, I’ve got to take total credit for that. That’s just a little switch on my battery pack, and if you’re not careful, if you touch that, it cuts your voice off. So I’m just casually saying, “Punt the ball, punt the ball,” and then I see we’re going to go for it and I start running down the sideline and couldn’t get to him. But KB was happy to go for it. He never minds going for it.”Yeah, OK.Glenn Spencer on his defense“Doesn’t feel good at all. Very frustrated. Gotta prepare ‘em better. I’ve been very disappointed in how we’ve played. “It’s just never-ending. It’s just four hours of just gut-wrenching hell.” [O’Colly | NewsOK]Mason Rudolph on the gameplan“We had so many long drives, man, gave our defense a chance to recover and game plan over on the sidelines and I think Coach Yurcich called an incredible game, a lot of successful runs, a lot of play action, a lot of different stuff. We’ve just got to finish when it counts and we’ll get better, though.”Jalen McCleskey on OSU/Baylor“I feel like we were the better team. To get so close and not be able to execute, I feel like this one was on us.” [O’Colly]More Spencer on his defense“It’s a long season. We gotta make sure we give it our best to come back next week and have a chance to win a game. That’s all it’s about now: sticking together. Everybody’s broke. Everybody’s frustrated. We’ve just gotta go back to work. Figure out a way to win next week.” [O’Colly]Mike Gundy on Not being satisfied“I can pat you on the butt and tell you, ‘Good job and you played good against a team that’s ranked and so-and-so.’ That’s not the way I feel. I feel like we should have done a better job of coaching and we have to do a better job of playing so we can win these games, period.” [O’Colly]Seth Russell on Ish Zamora’s return from being suspended for beating a dog“That was huge. I knew he was going to step up. He’s a great football player and he showed that tonight. He’s another weapon to put in the offense, and he’s a great guy. He’s working hard. He never took any days off. When he was suspended, he never griped one day. He came out to work and it showed tonight.”Travon Blanchard on QB1 for OSU“It’s very important to get off the field. (Oklahoma State QB Mason) Rudolph, he’s a very smart quarterback. He has tremendous touch on his throws. He made a lot of really good, smart safe throws. We tried to show him a few different coverages, different looks and he was able to deliver. So luckily as a defense we were able to get the win and we also have a lot of points that we can emphasize, things that we can get better on, so that’s good for our defense.”If you’re looking for the comments section, it has moved to our forum, The Chamber. You can go there to comment and holler about these articles, specifically in these threads. You can register for a free account right here and will need one to comment.If you’re wondering why we decided to do this, we wrote about that here. Thank you and cheers!last_img