first_imgAnthony Robbins says, “People change for two reasons: inspiration or desperation. And mostly desperation.”This is true for most Hustlers. Most experienced adversity from a very young age. They may have been challenged by poverty or some other circumstance of their birth. They may have faced the adversity of learning disabilities. Or the adversity could have been some personal harm that came to them.No ChoicesA lot of Hustlers hustle because they had no other option. No options equal desperation.If you don’t know how you are going to take care of yourself and acquire the basic fundamental necessities of survival, you have no choice but to hustle. When you have no idea how you’re going to take care of your children, hustling to provide for your family looks like the only reasonable decision you can make.A lot of Hustlers come to love the grind because there was no other choice available to them.Nowhere to Go but UpBeginning with adversity is a gift. Being forced to struggle requires that you take initiative, and you find a way to be resourceful, even when you have no resources.People who were born without adversity have the very opposite experience of many Hustlers. Because they had no adversity, and because they didn’t have to struggle, they can just as quickly lose what they have because they have never had the experience of having to struggle and overcome adversity.Starting at rock bottom leaves you nowhere to go but up. Every step forward moves you up from the bottom, no matter how small, and no matter how slowly.Desperation provides you with motivation. But at some point desperation turns to inspiration.From Greater Heights, You See FurtherThe thing about Hustlers is that the more they grow, the higher they climb. And the higher they rise the further they can see.By working hard and working with a sense of urgency, Hustlers tend to grow and to create greater and greater results. At some point, they’re doing better than average. And from that vantage point, they can see that greater results are available to them.The higher a Hustler climbs, the further they can see. So as they grow and produce greater results, their vision grows. They’ve left desperation and have now moved on to inspiration.Develop a Bigger VisionSome Hustlers become infected with a massive vision that no one else would be brave enough to see. They start to see success multiplying on prior successes.Desperation has been replaced by inspiration, and inspiration fuels a greater vision and even more action.This is the Hustler’s journey. It almost always starts with desperation and moves into inspiration, with the hustler going from strength to strength.If you aren’t where you want to be, recognize that you are writing the middle chapters of your life.last_img