first_imgBOURNEMOUTH (4-4-1-1)BORUC,FRANCIS, ELPHICK, COOK, DANIELS,RICTHIE, SURMAN, GOSLING, GRADEL,STANISLAS,KINGCOSTA,PEDRO, LOFTUS-CHEEK, WILLIAN,MIKEL, FABREGAS,BABA, IVANOVIC, CAHILL, AZPILICUETA,BEGOVICCHELSEA (4-2-3-1)Chelsea have more points and wins on the road than at Stamford Bridge and arrive at a ground where the Cherries have conceded 29 goals; only relegated Aston Villa (31) have conceded more goals at home. Bournemouth have the upper hand over Chelsea in league games. Overall, the teams have met three times and Bournemouth have won twice, the second victory coming at home in the old Second Division, in September 1988.VILLA (4-4-1-1)GUZAN,HUTTON, LESCOTT, CLARK, CISSOKHO,SINCLAIR, BACUNA, WESTWOOD, RICHARDSON,GANA,AYEWPELLE, LONG,MANE, CLASIE, TADIC,WANYAMA,BERTRAND, VAN DIJK, FONTE, MARTINA,FORSTERSOUTHAMPTON (4-1-3-2)Aston Villa were relegated last weekend the earliest from the Premier League since Portsmouth left with five games to go in 2009-10. They have won just two home league games all season and have two remaining; the club record fewest home victories is four – in the 2011-12 season – so they can equal that at best. After this game their remaining home fixture is against Newcastle.LIVERPOOL (4-3-3)MIGNOLET,CLYNE, SKRTEL, TOURE, MORENO,STEWART, ALLEN,MILNER,OJO, STURRIDGE,FIRMINOCISSE,SISSOKO, WIJNALDUM, TOWNSEND,COLBACK, TIOTE,DUMMETT, LASCELLED, MBEMBA, ANITA,DARLOWNEWCASTLE (4-2-3-1)Liverpool beat Everton 4-0 on Wednesday and have a good record against Newcastle, who last won at Anfield in April 1994. Newcastle are still in the relegation zone despite taking a point off Manchester City on Tuesday. Since their last win at Liverpool, they have lost 18 and drawn two. Indeed, in the last 11, they have lost 10.last_img read more

Warriors 3 Things: Steve Kerr had every reason to go ballistic on the refs

first_imgA justified blow upThe Warriors didn’t lose Wednesday night’s game to the Blazers because of the … The Warriors lost their first road game since Dec. 19 Wednesday in Portland, falling to the Trail Blazers 129-107 in a contest that was as engrossing as any the Dubs have played this season.CLICK HERE if you are having a problem viewing the videos on a mobile deviceHere were my three big takeaways from a contest that will be remembered for reasons other than that high-level play:last_img

Talk to Your Dog: He’s Listening

first_imgScience Now and Nature Science Update both describe a border collie named Rico that can identify 200 objects by name.  The dog exhibits the same “fast-mapping” skill of a three-year-old child learning to associate sounds with objects.  The owner calls out “dinosaur” and the dog picks up the blue dinosaur toy.  He calls “doll” and the dog correctly picks up the red doll, and any other object in the vocabulary, with 90% accuracy.  Rico can even learn new objects after just one exposure, and remember them weeks later.  The dog’s ability does not extend to language syntax, but his ability has caused some to speculate on the evolution of human language.  NSU says,The dog’s magnificent memory shows that canines share some aspects of the language skill that evolved in humans, says Julia Fischer from the Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology in Leipzig, Germany, who reports her findings in Science.1    But canines’ ability to comprehend speech can only have manifested itself after they were domesticated, some 15,000 years ago, and human speech is thought to have evolved 100,000 to 200,000 years ago.  So Fischer’s findings suggest that the ability to match novel words and items has evolved twice, first in humans and then in dogs.1Kaminski, Call and Fischer, “Word Learning in a Domestic Dog: Evidence for ‘Fast-Mapping’,” Science Vol 304, Issue 5677, 1682-1683, 11 June 2004, [DOI: 10.1126/science.1097859].OK, we have to tell the customary talking dog joke.  A dog owner took his mutt into a Hollywood talent agent’s office, and exclaimed, “I’d like to show you my talking dog, Frodo.”  The agent replied with an “I’ve-seen-it-all” smirk, “Talking dog, eh?  Perhaps you could demonstrate your pet’s language skills for me.”  “OK, Frodo, here’s our big chance,” the owner replied, looking at his bright-eyed, panting companion.  “Ready?  I’ll ask a question, and you answer it for the gentleman.  What is on top of a house?”  “Roof!” came the eager response.  “What does sandpaper feel like?”  “Ruff!” barked the dog.  “Who was the greatest baseball player of all time?”  Without any hesitation, the dog answered, “Ruth!”    “Will you get outta here?” the agent responded, showing them both the door.  Forlorn, the man walked his dog back to the car.  “Too bad, Frodo, I thought you were terrific.”  “Maybe I shoulda said Lou Gehrig,” the dog replied.    Rico is a good dog because God gave these animals intelligence.  Dogs are bright, multi-talented, and a lot of fun.  This story has nothing to do with evolution.  As smart as Rico is, he doesn’t understand syntax and semantics.  He just associates a sound with an object, and knows that if he fetches it for the master, he will get a dog biscuit.  If the owner said, “Darwinism,” the dog would tilt its head quizzically, unless he learned to associate it with an object and knew it meant to run and fetch the stuffed monkey.    As much as we would like to think Lassie understands Timmy’s dialogue, she is just responding to the offstage trainer’s cues.  Dogs are not evolving upward into philosophers.  Memory, vocabulary, conditioned response, and association are common talents of animals: as they say, “an elephant never forgets,” and even crows have a remarkable set of calls to signal one another.  There are parrots who can say whole sentences and even sing opera.  That doesn’t mean they know what they are saying.  Only humans converse in meaningful sentences with abstract reasoning.    Enjoy this article for the wonder of design in animals and the joy of pets.  Watching evolutionists revert to Darwinian storytelling every time they see a wonder of nature is as disgusting as watching a dog return to its own vomit.(Visited 9 times, 1 visits today)FacebookTwitterPinterestSave分享0last_img read more

Manage Staff Scheduling Online With “When I Work’

first_imgWith so many cloud-based productivity and project management suites out there, it’s a wonder there aren’t more that drill down and focus on one of the most universally common aspects of work: scheduling it. Sure, project management suites like BaseCamp and Zoho Projects feature calendars, tasks lists and collaboration tools, but some companies have relatively complex staff schedules to manage. A Web and mobile app called When I Work launched by ThisCLICKS Interactive earlier this week aims to meet precisely that need. When I Work’s Web-based dashboard provides a platform for managers and staff to view and edit work schedules, define shifts and schedule time off. The weekly calendar view neatly lays out who’s working, at which times and on which days in color-coded blocks. The week’s schedule can be printed and hung in a real-world office or live solely in the cloud. Depending on each person’s account settings, an email or an SMS text message fires off to employees anytime there’s a change to the schedule, or when a person’s shift is about to start. Crucially, the site has an app for Android and one coming soon for iPhone, so workers can have the most up-to-date schedule in their pockets. From the dashboard, staffers can set their notification preferences, mark off their “do not disturb” hours and request time off, which notifies the manager of the request, who can grant or deny it. While such a tool may not be necessary for distributed virtual teams, it could simplify scheduling for many real-world businesses, especially retail, food service and office jobs, some of which likely wouldn’t need a more robust project management suite. When I Work does not currently integrate with any other cloud-based applications, but this will change once the API used to drive the site’s mobile apps is fine-tuned and documented, according to Chad Halvorson, creative director at ThisCLICKS Interactive. Tags:#biz#Reviews 4 Keys to a Kid-Safe App john paul titlow Related Posts center_img 5 Outdoor Activities for Beating Office Burnout 9 Books That Make Perfect Gifts for Industry Ex… 12 Unique Gifts for the Hard-to-Shop-for People…last_img read more

Firefox 4 Beta for Android, Maemo Arrives

first_imgTags:#Browsers#mobile#web Role of Mobile App Analytics In-App Engagement Why IoT Apps are Eating Device Interfaces sarah perez Firefox’s add-ons support is a feature that probably deserves a listing here on the “pros” side, although personally, I’m more pleased when the functionality included in a browser out-of-the-box means I don’t have to install add-ons.I remember all too clearly my former add-on obsessed days on Firefox: the crashes, the waiting for add-ons to update when new versions of Firefox came out, the toolbar clutter. When Google Chrome launched, blissfully add-on free, it was difficult letting go, but eventually became a breath of fresh air. Now that Chrome offers extensions, I find myself falling down the same hole – the address/search bar’s URL box keeps getting smaller and smaller as extensions crowd its right side.That said, support for add-ons can be useful even on a mobile browser, for adding that extra feature or two you wish your browser had. Firefox’s Mobile Add-ons Gallery now includes over 100 items to customize your browser, including Personas, the Firefox themeing toolkit.Cons: It’s a Big App, It’s a Big BrowserOn the downside, the Firefox mobile app is big – so big, in fact, that I actually hit a wall when trying to download it for the first time. At 13.58 MB, those of you with storage space concerns (and no external SD card) have to think hard about how much you want this. On my Nexus S, for example, I ended up having to move many apps to the device’s internal USB storage and uninstalling others just to make room for it. As the installation grows with my associated data, concern over file size will linger. As someone who likes to record a lot of video with my phone, storage space is always a concern. This is mainly because the Nexus S doesn’t include an SD card slot, which is now becoming a major limitation of this device. Your mileage may vary, of course.At the end day, Firefox may be a feature-rich, robust browser, but that’s both a pro and a con. While it’s nice to have your data synced, too many add-ons can slow you down. The performance is better, but not great. Overall, the effort feels a little bit like you’re trying to run a desktop-sized browser on a mobile platform.I haven’t “lived with” the browser for long enough to have a more in-depth opinion as I’m (relatively) new to Android, so chalk these up as first impressions. For those of your out there using Firefox Mobile, tell me: what do you think of it? For anyone who uses Firefox as their primary desktop Web browser, the Android version is a great complement to that experience. With Firefox’s mobile edition, your open tabs, browsing history and bookmarks sync from desktop to mobile and back through Firefox Sync, a behind-the-scenes feature that acknowledges the fact that your connected life doesn’t live in two different silos – desktop and mobile – but that you want your mobile life to be an extension of what you began at your notebook PC….and vice versa.This is a feature that should be standard on any mobile browser, but sadly isn’t. Between my 4 computers, 1 tablet and 2 mobile phones, it’s a feature which could serve me well. However, I have to admit I’m a Google Chrome user. I’m missing out here. That’s not to say there aren’t alternative solutions for Chrome users, but these feel more like workarounds – isn’t not as easy as simply choosing to install the same app on multiple devices.Firefox Sync isn’t new to this particular beta update, but it’s the one feature that constantly sits in the back of my mind, making me wonder if it may be time to give Firefox another go.Pro: Performance UpdatesAlso new to Firefox for Android (and yes, Firefox for Nokia’s Maemo platform too), are a number of performance improvements. Mozilla says that JavaScript benchmarks now show Firefox 4 Beta outperforming the stock Android browser. It’s roughly three times faster on Kraken, twice as fast on SunSpider and slightly faster on V8 (all ways to test browser performance).Mozilla also addressed issues regarding slow start-up time, page load time, responsiveness when panning and zooming, stability issues, memory usage, readability and some keyboard issues. Many, many steps in the right direction here. For previous Firefox beta testers, the performance improvements should be noticeable, in fact.Pro?: Add-onscenter_img What it Takes to Build a Highly Secure FinTech … Related Posts The Rise and Rise of Mobile Payment Technology The mobile version of Firefox for Android and Maemo just hit a new milestone: Firefox 4 Beta, an update which delivers speed improvements, better panning and zooming, and faster startup time, says Mozilla. Like previous versions of the browser, it also includes standard Firefox features like support for add-ons, Firefox Sync for syncing bookmarks, tabs and browsing history across devices, and even support for Personas, also known as themes.Note: This post will focus on Firefox for Android, not Maemo. There are a number of alternative browsers to choose from on Android, each with unique features that deliver an experience you can’t get on the standard Web browser that ships on Android devices. For example, the popular Dolphin Browser offers tabbed browsing, multitouch pinch-to-zoom, extensions, YouTube downloading, gestures and more.There’s also the fast and small Opera Mini, the Android-optimized Opera Mobile for Android and the socially-infused Skyfire, to name a few others.So what makes Firefox for Android stand out? Here are a few pros and cons:Pro: Synclast_img read more

The Hustler’s Playbook: From Desperation to Inspiration

first_imgAnthony Robbins says, “People change for two reasons: inspiration or desperation. And mostly desperation.”This is true for most Hustlers. Most experienced adversity from a very young age. They may have been challenged by poverty or some other circumstance of their birth. They may have faced the adversity of learning disabilities. Or the adversity could have been some personal harm that came to them.No ChoicesA lot of Hustlers hustle because they had no other option. No options equal desperation.If you don’t know how you are going to take care of yourself and acquire the basic fundamental necessities of survival, you have no choice but to hustle. When you have no idea how you’re going to take care of your children, hustling to provide for your family looks like the only reasonable decision you can make.A lot of Hustlers come to love the grind because there was no other choice available to them.Nowhere to Go but UpBeginning with adversity is a gift. Being forced to struggle requires that you take initiative, and you find a way to be resourceful, even when you have no resources.People who were born without adversity have the very opposite experience of many Hustlers. Because they had no adversity, and because they didn’t have to struggle, they can just as quickly lose what they have because they have never had the experience of having to struggle and overcome adversity.Starting at rock bottom leaves you nowhere to go but up. Every step forward moves you up from the bottom, no matter how small, and no matter how slowly.Desperation provides you with motivation. But at some point desperation turns to inspiration.From Greater Heights, You See FurtherThe thing about Hustlers is that the more they grow, the higher they climb. And the higher they rise the further they can see.By working hard and working with a sense of urgency, Hustlers tend to grow and to create greater and greater results. At some point, they’re doing better than average. And from that vantage point, they can see that greater results are available to them.The higher a Hustler climbs, the further they can see. So as they grow and produce greater results, their vision grows. They’ve left desperation and have now moved on to inspiration.Develop a Bigger VisionSome Hustlers become infected with a massive vision that no one else would be brave enough to see. They start to see success multiplying on prior successes.Desperation has been replaced by inspiration, and inspiration fuels a greater vision and even more action.This is the Hustler’s journey. It almost always starts with desperation and moves into inspiration, with the hustler going from strength to strength.If you aren’t where you want to be, recognize that you are writing the middle chapters of your life.last_img read more


first_imgOnsport Newsletter (an online sports publication) has reported that SportingPulse have been awarded a Rising Star award in the 2004 Deloitte Technology Fast 50 program. SportingPulse is a Melbourne-based IT company providing a competition and management software package, available to be used by all ATA associations. “The ATA use this software for the management of all ATA tournaments. It enables us to electronically lodge all results and information and display it in a way that is easy for people to access and use. The uploading of information to an association’s SportingPulse web page allows the information to be viewed immediately.” Says Mr Pratt. The Deloitte Technology Fast 50 reward program recognises fast growing technology companies in both the public and private sector. The program has two award sections with the first being the Fast 50, which is judged on revenue growth from 2001-2003, and the second being the Rising Star, which recognises those emerging companies who may not yet meet all the eligibility criteria for the Fast 50. Rising Star entrants were judged on other criteria such as the company’s core focus, market, management team and technical sustainability for example. SportingPulse was ineligible in the Fast 50 because of the first year’s revenue, but growth over the last two years sees SportingPulse ranked as the second highest growth tech company in Australia, with growth of over 2000%. SportingPulse has proven it can reduce the time commitment of running touch competitions, therefore allowing managers to focus on other aspects of the sports development. It also provides an avenue for constant communication with affiliates and can help lift the profile of touch and your members. For sponsors, the SportingPulse site is one with prominent exposure, which can encourage better relationships and greater opportunities with sponsors. For the website managers and affiliates, SportingPulse provides many different options such as pages for news, sponsors, events, links, photo galleries, news archives, site statistics, mailing lists, contacts and more. For further information regarding SportingPulse in general or to set up the program for your association, contact your State body or Jon Pratt at the ATA. By Rachel Moylelast_img read more


first_imgPhotographs from the 2005 National 18 Years and Under Championships are now available to view and purchase at www.sportingimages.net Sporting Images took over 3000 for the event, a record number! Visit their website for all of the info. We would also like to thank Sporting Images for their service to us and their provision of photographs for our website.last_img

Open Trans-Tasman – Men’s Open Game 3 Report

first_imgThe Australian Mens Open team have sealed a thrilling 2-1 series victory over New Zealand after winning game three 5-4 in a drop off.The conditions somewhat improved for the commencement of the final game of the series and Jordan Marshall-King made the most of the better-quality surface to cut the defence apart to find Shaun Francis for the opener.Francis was at it again five minutes later this time in defence to deny the Kiwis right on the line after the hosts took an intercept and ran the length of the field. The Aussies recovered and again turned the Kiwis away.The Australians couldn’t convert a tough chance at the other end of the field when a tap back inside from James Shute couldn’t quite make it into the hands of Marshall-King who was certain to score. The Kiwis took full advantage levelling it up at 1 all through Raiki Willison.The scoring was free-flowing for remainder of the first half with Rob Nakhla’s try matched by another one from the Kiwis. When Hennessey and Marshall-King both scored for the Aussies the hosts found themselves two clear but a third to the Touch Blacks this time through Maurice Stone sent the teams into half time with a 4-3 scoreline.Conditions worsened after the break and whilst the scoring dried up the display of desperation from both sides was evident for all to see.Sean Law scored to level it back up at 4 all and the defensive effort from the Australians in the final minutes turned the Kiwis away time and time again to send it into a drop off to decide the Mens series.With the match in the balance and the Aussies pressing the Kiwis line the ball made its way into the hands of Dylan Hennessey who found an unmarked Scott Bundy for the match and series winning try.last_img read more

10 months agoArsenal make opening bid for Real Madrid goalkeeper Keylor Navas

first_imgTagsTransfersAbout the authorCarlos VolcanoShare the loveHave your say Arsenal make opening bid for Real Madrid goalkeeper Keylor Navasby Carlos Volcano10 months agoSend to a friendShare the loveArsenal have tabled a bid for Real Madrid goalkeeper Keylor Navas.The Costa Rica international is determined to leave Real after being dumped for summer arrival Thibaut Courtois this season. Despite his three Champions League titles, Keylor has been benched by Santiago Solari since he replaced Julen Lopetegui as coach.Okdiario says Arsenal boss Unai Emery wants to bring Keylor to London, where he sees him as ideal competition for Bernd Leno.And a first offer of €13m has already been tabled to Real for the keeper.Any move is likely to see Petr Cech seek an immediate departure next month. last_img read more