Two civilians gunned down in Poso

first_imgPersonnel from the joint police and Indonesian Military (TNI) Operation Tinombala along with the Central Sulawesi and Poso Police have been examining the forest where the incident took place, he added.As reported by, the shooting occurred within an area covered by the Tinombala police-military operation in the region.The two victims have been identified as Syarifuddin, 37, and Firman, 18, both of whom were residents of Poso Pesisir Utara district.Syarifuddin sustained a gunshot wound to his chest and was already dead when the locals found him, whereas Firman died from a similar injury to his neck while he was being taken to a nearby village. United Development Party (PPP) lawmaker Arsul Sani has urged the National Police to investigate the shooting of the two Poso residents.“I want those in charge of the National Police to give their attention to [the murder] of these two Poso residents,” the politician said in a statement on Thursday.He went on to say that the investigation should also involve the National Commission on Human Rights (Komnas HAM) to ensure that the proceedings remain impartial to reveal the real perpetrators, whether or not they were security personnel.“[…] If the victims were wrongly murdered and they were not involved with an act of terrorism or other crime, the police owe [their families] a public apology and financial compensation,” Arsul said. (rfa)Topics : Two civilians were shot to death by unknown assailants in Poso regency, Central Sulawesi on Tuesday.National Police spokesperson Sr. Comr. Ahmad Ramadhan confirmed the incident on Wednesday, but stopped short of disclosing further details.“It’s true that two Poso residents were shot and killed in Pesisir Utara on Tuesday,” Ahmad said as reported by read more

French AM association calls for cross-border IORP, PEPP-consistent product

first_imgThe French asset management association is calling for the creation of an individual pensions product consistent with the pan-European personal pension (PEPP) being explored in the EU, and for the creation of cross-border pension funds.The proposals were made by the Association Française de la Gestion financiére (AFG) in a white paper published last week on expanding retirement savings in France.It housed its call for cross-border pension funds under the heading of strengthening occupational pensions in France, especially collective company pension savings schemes.These go by the acronym PERCO (plan d’épargne retraite collectif). The AFG said a European pillar should be added to the PERCO to allow companies to manage pension plans from France for all European employees.It said this required creating a vehicle compatible with the EU pension fund legislation, the IORP Directive, and that this could be achieved under the Sapin II law.Laure Delahousse, deputy director general at AFG, told IPE the idea was to create a new type of IORP-compliant pension vehicle asset managers could use to offer their clients a way to manage defined contribution plans more effectively in different European countries in a single pension fund.“The Sapin law provides for the creation of such a pension fund via ministerial order, so no new law would be needed,” she said.The lack of a universal pensions saving product for multinational companies with a mobile workforce and employees across Europe has also been remarked on by Jean Eyraud, president of the French institutional investor association Af2i.Around 85 cross-border pension funds already exist, mainly set up by multinational companies, but financial institutions like asset managers are also turning their attention to the vehicles.For example, French asset manager Amundi has a pan-European pensions vehicle in Luxembourg and recently said it had already attracted 10 multinational companies to use it.  The AFG’s white paper also sets out other measures to promote the PERCO, such as a cut in employer taxes on contributions and opening the plans to civil servants and certain public employees. PEPPing up personal pensionsAnother major aspect of the AFG’s blueprint is the proposal for a new personal pensions product, which the association already flagged in its “roadmap” for the French asset management industry in November.The association said it was important not to rely exclusively on occupational pensions when it came to retirement saving.“It is necessary to develop individual products,” it said, adding that existing personal pension products were not equipped to meet the needs of a large number of people.The association said the envisaged new product was “largely inspired” by the pan-European personal pension (PEPP) product being prepared at the EU level.Delahousse said: “We want to create the same thing in France, which could be subscribed to by individuals all over Europe but is mainly for French citizens.“We strongly support the PEPP initiative, and we are calling on the government to create a new product that is consistent with the PEPP with an appropriate tax treatment”.The question of the tax treatment was one of the issues discussed during a European Commission hearing on the PEPP in Brussels in October last year. In the AFG’s mind, the product it envisages would appeal to a larger client base than the main existing personal product, the PERP, in particular because it would give individuals choice over how they use their retirement pot.Under the PERP, individuals must buy an annuity when they reach retirement.According to the AFG, the new product should be available to a broad range of individuals, including the self-employed, civil servants and mobile employees working in Europe.Other aspects include that contribution amounts should be flexible up to a ceiling, access to the retirement savings pot blocked until retirement except in exceptional circumstances, and that individuals be free to choose what to do with their savings at retirement date, such as opting for a capital lump sum, an annuity, or free or progressive withdrawals.The individual would be able to choose between three investment management options: life cycle, self-select or delegated management.The default option would be the life cycle strategy, as is the case for the PERCO at the moment.The other main pillar of AFG’s white paper is a call to improve the information available to individuals about their pension. Transforming retirement saving into a source of long-term capital to finance the French and European economy is a central theme running through the association’s proposals.last_img read more

Miller wins Keystone RaceSaver Challenge

first_imgDarren Miller was in the right place at the right time Saturday at Port Royal Speedway to win the Pennsylvania Sprint Series Keysone IMCA RaceSaver Challenge. (Photo by Christi Baker)PORT ROYAL, Pa. (Oct. 6) – Darren Miller seemed destined for the runner-up spot Saturday at Port Royal Speedway but a strange incident set him up for the biggest win of his IMCA Rac­eSaver Sprint Car career.Kyle Smith was all set for a weekend sweep as he drew the pole position for the Pennsylvania Sprint Series Keystone RaceSaver Challenge event and led every lap.Except the last one.On the final circuit, as Smith drove into the last turn, an incident blocked the track ahead of him. Smith entered the turn on the high side with traffic below and had no time or opening to make it through.Miller was just far enough behind that he was able to make a last second maneuver to avoid con­tact and went on to grab the one lap dash for the win. Miller earned $1,200 for the victory, which included $400 in bonuses based on years with RaceSaver and races run in 2018.Former winner Jeff Miller Jr. came home second followed by Zach Newlin, Austin Bishop and Jona­than Jones. Fifty-two cars were entered.Justin Clark traveled from Ohio and picked up a seventh place finish earning the longest traveler bonus for the top 10 and the top 20 netting him an additional $300; 52 cars were on hand for the event.Smith had picked up the win Friday as 42 cars battled at Williams Grove Speedway to earn the guaranteed starter spot the next night at Port Royal. Drew Ritchey, Tyler Denochick, Miller and Scott Ellerman rounded out the top five. Miller’s finish earned him the Beer Hill Cup Summer Series Champion­ship after Zach Newlin lost an engine early in the night.Feature ResultsFriday – 1. Kyle Smith; 2. Drew Ritchey; 3. Tyler Denochick; 4. Darren Miller; 5. Scott Ellerman; 6. Jaremy Hanson; 7. Dave Grube; 8. Ken Duke Jr.; 9. John Scarborough; 10. Jeff Geiges; 11. Jay Krout; 12. Ryan Stillwaggon; 13. Tyler Reinhardt; 14. Erin Statler; 15. Ryan Lynn; 16. Ian Detwei­ler; 17. Scott Frack; 18. Devin Adams, 19. Daren Bolac; 20. John Walp; 21. Brad Mellott; 22. Eric Husick, 23. Greg Dobrosky, 24. Jonathan Jones.Saturday – 1. Darren Miller; 2. Jeff Miller Jr.; 3. Zach Newlin; 4. Austin Bishop; 5. Jones; 6. Stillwag­gon; 7. Justin Clark; 8. Ellerman; 9. Duke; 10. Lynn; 11. Roger Irvine; 12. Jake Waters; 13. Kyle Ganoe; 14. Jon Haegele; 15. Geiges; 16. Jacob Gomola; 17. Samantha Lieberman; 18. Frack; 19. Fred Arnold; 20. Rick Stief; 21. Ritchey; 22. Smith; 23. Nick Sweigart; 24. Mellott.last_img read more

CJ grants Interim Stay in misconduct charge against Singh, Brassington

first_imgThe Chief Justice on Tuesday granted an interim stay for the matter involving charges of misconduct in public office laid against former Finance Minister, Dr Ashni Singh and former Head of the National Industrial and Commercial Investments Limited (NICIL), Winston Brassington, stemming from the sale of the former Sanata Textiles Complex to Queens Atlantic Investment Inc (QAII).On June 9, 2018, Singh, 45, of Lot 129 Goedverwagting, East Coast Demerara, and Brassington, 50, of Florida, USA, were called before Magistrate Leron Daly, who was hearing the case on the Chief Magistrate’s behalf. The matter was adjourned to July 26. As a result, the charge, which alleges that the property was sold at a grossly undervalued price to QAII, was neither sworn to nor read.Following the charges being laid in the Magistrate’s Court, Singh and Brassington filed an affidavit in the High Court, in a manner similar to the affidavits filed when three similar charges were brought in May.Attorney Sase Gunraj, who appeared before the Chief Justice for the defendants, told <<>> that despite stringent objections from representatives of the Attorney General Chambers, his arguments prevailed and the Judge granted a stay pending the hearing and determination of the substantive action.Gunraj said that he argued that a court had already granted a stay of the other matters and this one was filed in his opinion, very capriciously in the face of the other matters being stayed. Secondly, the charges that have been filed are almost identical to the ones that were previously filed. Thirdly, there is the issue of the [matters] canvased here are the same ones canvased and considered by Justice Franklin Holder in the previous case,” he added.The Attorney said the overarching consideration was the extreme prejudice to which it exposed his clients.Singh and Brassington are already before the courts on similar charges, for which an interim stay has been granted by Justice Holder, but the charge for the sale of the Sanata Textiles Complex was filed after the stay granted, despite being almost identical in form to the previous.The charge alleges that Singh and Brassington, while performing the duties of Finance Minister and Chairman and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of NICIL respectively, between October 26 and December 20, 2010, acted recklessly when they agreed to the sale of the Sanata Textiles Complex to QAII. According to the charge, the 18.976-acre property was sold for $697.8 million, but it was valued at $1.04 billion.However, according to privatisation documents published by NICIL, the property was valued at $245 million by the Government’s Chief Valuation Officer, but QAII paid $809.5 million for the property – more than three times the Government valuation.According to documents seen by this newspaper, upon Cabinet’s approval, QAII embarked on its promised programme of reclamation, clean-up and investment. On May 30, 2007, QAII had requested and received a valuation of the property from the Government Assistant Valuation Officer, which proposed $330.375 million (land $269.200 million; improvements $119.175 million). On June 7, 2018, NICIL had commissioned a valuation from the private firm of Rodrigues Architects Ltd, which posited that the property be valued at $1,042,403,500 (land $209.650 million; improvements $832.753 million). NICIL also obtained on June 27, 2007, a valuation of the land and its improvements from the Government’s Chief Valuation Officer, which came in at $245.175 million (land, $130 million; improvements $115.175 million).QAII was responsible, at its expense, for the asbestos clean-up and removal of scrap, which alone incurred a cost of above $400 million.The Special Organised Crime Unit (SOCU) had previously brought charges against the two former Government officials in April. The two men were arraigned on charges of allegedly selling several plots of land on the East Coast of Demerara to National Hardware Guyana Ltd for over $598 million. In addition, the charges include selling land to Scady Business Corporation at a cost of $150 million, and to Multi-cinemas Guyana Inc at a cost of $185 million.Many political and social commentators, even those in the legal fraternity, have argued that the charges against the two former Government officials may be unconstitutional on the basis that they are not “public officers” in accordance with the Constitution.Following these events, former Finance Minister Sasenarine Kowlessar, who served from 1999 to 2006, was taken in for questioning at SOCU’s Kingston, Georgetown head office, and was interrogated for close to five hours before being released on $200,000 station bail.Meanwhile, Opposition Leader Bharrat Jagdeo has said the decision to charge the duo for the sale of the lands was nothing more than a “frivolous” attempt to keep the campaign promise made by the A Partnership for National Unity (APNU) to jail members of the People’s Progressive Party (PPP).“It is all frivolous… This Government campaigned on a promise that they will jail all of us when they get into power because we’re massively corrupt … We were told that we had assets that we were not declaring to the Integrity Commission. We’re told that the People’s Progressive Party and its leaders had stolen so much money they couldn’t stash it in Guyana, they had to stash it abroad. These were the campaign. This was in the mouth of every person who spoke on the APNU platform. Jail, jail these people,” Jagdeo told the media last month.Former Finance Minister Singh expressed confidence that the charges brought against him would be disposed of in the near future, because they were frivolous and had no bearing.>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Photo saved as: SaseCaption: Attorney-at-Law Sase Gunrajlast_img read more