Warner Bros starts movie rental service on Facebook

first_imgWarner Bros. is the latest company to see the benefit of using Facebook for selling their wares, and it makes sense really given that Facebook has over 500 million active users.The company claims that they are the first to offer movie rentals directly on a social networking platform, but to test the water, they are using the Dark Knight as the first film that you can get hold of.AdChoices广告In order to rent the film all you need to do is visit the official Dark Knight Facebook page and there you will find an link entitled “rent” or “watch” depending on where you are in the world. By clicking on this you then have to apply for Facebook credits. In this case the film costs 30 credits which amounts to around $3.Though the film is a few years old now, the price seems fair, especially compared to iTunes which charges $3.99 a film. For your money you also get 48 hours to view the release before it expires.We do not know at this stage how the film looks visually, but you will be able to watch it in full screen mode and there are standard playback controls available allowing you to pause and resume within the given time period. Additionally, while you are watching the film you still have full Facebook functionality so you can post comments and view friends’ statuses as you would do normally.Warner Bros aim is to roll out both rental and purchase options over the next few months with a lot more titles to choose from. This will certainly boost Facebook’s bank balance, as the social network giant will no doubt get a cut of the revenue.If anyone has rented the movie through Facebook it would be interesting to know what you thoughts on the experience, like whether the picture quality was any good when blown up full screen.Read more at Hollywood Reporterlast_img read more