Collisions at Home Plate

first_imgAll you baseball fans know by now MLB has ruled that there will be no collisions at home plate this year.  This ruling came to a head in the Reds-Miami game about a week ago.  Cozart of the Reds was going to be out at home by a wide margin, but the Reds manager, Brian Price, objected.  Price thought  the Miami catcher was blocking home not allowing Cozart an open path to the plate.  Thus, the decision went to the Review Board in New York City.After a 6 1/2 minute delay, the Review Board overturned the call of “out” and ruled Cozart safe at home plate.  As the rule is stated, there is no recourse by the opposing team, so they must accept the ruling.  As you know, the Reds not only got that run but added 2 more in the inning and won the game.Most everyone in baseball objects to this rule because there is no room on the umpires part for making a judgment on how far a runner would be out had this rule not been in place.  MLB put the rule in to avoid violent collisions at home plate, but right now a meer one-inch blocking of the plate can get an out call.  This to me is ridiculous.  If a player deliberately runs over the catcher, then he should be called out.  As it is now, the catcher has no place to go.last_img read more