The people of Split are the first in the world to brew personalized craft beer

first_imgCraft or craft beer is completely different from the beer we are used to from large breweries. In recent years, this trend has significantly refreshed and enriched the offer of beer in Croatia, and today we also find kraft beer in supermarkets.And the new craft story is just being created in Split, and it is unique in the world. Namely, this is a project that aims to enable everyone to become a “master brewer”, ie the opening of a craft brewery and a web platform where everyone can order their personalized craft beer through the site.What kind of pizza do you order when you go to a pizzeria? With prosciutto or tuna, and if you’re really daring maybe with pineapple? Beer also goes with it, and if you have arranged the pizza to your liking, why not beer?The idea is two enthusiasts and future entrepreneurs, Jakša Vuković and Roman Garber, who, with the support of partners and friends, spent a lot of time enjoying, making and comparing various exotic beer combinations. Nearly two years of effort and perfecting recipes will soon turn into a real entrepreneurial venture. All preparations have been completed, and a campaign to fund the necessary equipment should raise the necessary funds for the first deliveries later this year.Their mission is to enable everyone to become master brewers at least once, to create a new combination of flavors they haven’t tried before and to label it with their own labels. To keep the freshness and uniqueness of the kraft beer team behind the project “Brew My Beer” wants to give everyone the opportunity to make a completely personal kraft beer, and to do so they launched a crownfunding campaign on the Indiegogo platform.“The idea is that on our Brew My Beer website you will choose one of several beer styles and add other ingredients as desired. Then you will choose one of the suggested labels or send a photo from which we will make a label for you. Finally, you can name your personalized beer. ” points out Roman Graber, one of the founders, and adds that their beer would be for everyday enjoyment, special occasions such as a bachelor party or trying out combinations that your imagination allows.Crowdfunding campaigns are no longer new, and several successful projects have been implemented in Croatia, such as the cooperative brewery Brlog and their beer Plavuša, the modular table Modulus and the really successful campaign micro: bit STEM revolution. This way of financing allows everyone to participate in small amounts, and in return be rewarded with the product itself or other benefits.Only in 2017 did domestic campaigns collect 15 million kuna for 26 projects, and to date a total of almost 30 million kuna has been collected in Croatia, according to the portal. “Production has been worked out to the smallest detail, but we lack some equipment. For this reason, we have launched a crowdfunding campaign to raise funds to launch our brewery, the first of its kind in the world. Support us and we will enable you to be a master brewer of your own beer. ” Graber concludes.In the meantime, there is no need to worry about it. ”In addition to ties, pens and torpedoes, why not be the first to have a fully personalized beer. Support these young masters of the brewery, because from today you have the opportunity to participate in this project and be the first to get your completely and completely personal kraft beer. See more about the project and how you can help them HERElast_img read more

Cricket News Varun Chakaravarthy- Rs 8.4 crore IPL Auction buy – says why he is excited to play for Kings XI Punjab

first_imgNew Delhi: Minutes after he was picked for Rs 8.4 crore by Kings XI Punjab in the 2019 Indian Premier League Auction, the phone has not stopped ringing for Varun Chakaravarthy, the 27-year-old Tamil Nadu ‘mystery’ spinner who created a sensation. “About 600-700 journalists have called so far,” Chakaravarthy said with a tired yet content voice after he had created a sensation in the auction in Jaipur on Tuesday. The young lad’s journey is unique devoid of all the masala elements of Bollywood or Hollywood. Chakaravarthy’s story is the classic story of all middle-class youth, who struggle to find the right balance between a serious academic career or a sporting career.Chakaravarthy’s story was well-highlighted before the auction started. He did not do well in sports in school, quit the game, studied hard and pursued a career as an architect. Suddenly, one day, he had enough and was prepared to jump back in the game. He dusted his kitbag, got back into the cricketing fray and his journey began. “I was just not happy in architecture. I could not express myself. I decided to give one last shot in cricket. If I did not gain much success, I was prepared to stay in architecture,” Chakaravarthy said in an exclusive chat to News Nation. Unique comebackAt the age of 25, making a cricket comeback is not easy for an individual in India, considering the regimented pathway many youngsters go through via U-16, U-19, U-23 before getting into Ranji Trophy. However, for Chakaravarthy, the IPL has provided opportunities to make rapid strides. After a stellar performance with a TNCA fourth-division club, he was picked in the Tamil Nadu Premier League where he played for the Karaikudi Kaalai franchise. Although success did not come immediately, things still worked out well for him. Read More | IPL Auction: Varun Chakaravarthy creates sensation, sold for Rs 8.4 Cr“In the first year, I played for the Karaikudi Kaalai franchise. In that team, there was a video analyst Hari who spotted me. Next year, I went to the Madurai Panthers team but I did not get to play many games. But this year, it all changed. I got massive support from all the senior players in the side, especially from KB Arun Karthick, Thalaivan Sargunam,” Chakaravarthy said. Read More | IPL 2019 Auction: Unadkat, Chakravarthy and Curran get big bucksChange it did. He was the star for Madurai Panthers and his economy rate of 4.7 gave the franchise their first title. More success followed in the Vijay Hazare Trophy, with 22 wickets in nine games for Tamil Nadu. All this culminated on Auction day which was in Jaipur. When Chakaravarthy’s game was announced, the Chennai lad expressed his state of emotions. ‘Glad to be with Ashwin’“I was at home with my parents and we were glued to the TV,” Chakaravarthy said. As the price increased, the excitement went up. “I was just happy that my talent was recognised,” apt came the answer. Chakaravarthy was picked by Kings XI Punjab and he secured the joint-highest bid by an Indian in the auction, level with Jaydev Unadkat. Hailing from Tamil Nadu, there would have been a temptation to play for the Chennai Super Kings, the three-time IPL champions. However, Chakaravarthy gave a surprising answer.Read More | IPL Auction: Prayas Barman, Prabhsimran Singh – the young millionaires“I am from Chennai. However, I am glad that I am going to Kings XI Punjab as I will be playing with Ravichandran Ashwin. I spoke with Ash and he was very excited. The hard work begins now,” Chakaravarthy said. The immediate aim for Chakaravarthy, though, was brushing up on his Hindi. “Konjam teriyum (I know a little)”, said the 27-year-old on his Hindi and he joked he had to take Ashwin’s help in understanding. When asked how much he knew Hindi, he replied, “Balle Balle”, which is a trademark phrase in Punjab.Chakaravarthy’s comeback is an inspiration for people who are caught in the crossroads of a career. The Tamil Nadu youngster signs off by saying, “Give it your best shot and decide whether you can do the best in what you choose. There is no specific time and place to do it,” Chakaravarthy said. After getting Rs 8.4 crore, these words are indeed significant. For all the Latest Sports News News, Cricket News News, Download News Nation Android and iOS Mobile Apps.last_img read more

Goats back grazing weeds at Peace Valley Lookout

first_img“It’s really good to go and showcase that there is something else out there that works other than herbicide,” adds Armagost.Before the Regional District, Lindbloom spent much time helping the logging industry, as well as the City of Grande Prairie. He adds that it works especially well along creeks and rivers, where spraying is not an option and there’s no alternative.“A herd of goats is just perfect for that,” he says. This graze will take a little longer than the previous years, as Lindbloom had a herd of 500 to 600 goats taking 10 days. Instead, Armagost says they’re going to keep them there until the plant starts to flower, and it’s expected the goats will be gone by June 21. Bellamy will be staying on the hill, and anyone curious is welcome to come take pictures and see the goats at work.Advertisement Ed Bellamy let his Cecil Lake goats out at 9 a.m. this morning, and while the animals were eager to start munching, the first battle was getting them down the hill, and keeping them there. This is Bellamy’s first time grazing his goats on the Peace River, after Conrad Lindbloom got a longer contract to work in the city of Kamloops year round.It’s the third year now that the Peace River Regional District has used the approach to get rid of infestations of Dalmatian toadflax, a weed that has a beautiful yellow flower, but can produce up to 500,000 seeds each year, that can lay dormant in the soil for up to a decade. Invasive Plant Program Manager for the PRRD Elaine Armagost says hand pulling or herbicides are not an option due to the size of the infestation and the steep slopes of the banks. “It’s a really aggressive plant,” she explains. “We really don’t want it getting into our agriculture sector up here, because with one per cent of the province’s population, we make half the food,” adding, “Last year the graze was very successful. The year before we were a little late and they didn’t eat as much as I wanted, but last year was really good.” – Advertisement -The approach of using goats is seen favourably by the PRRD, as it’s both cheaper and more environmentally conscious than simply using chemicals to kill weeds. Lindbloom, who’s been working his goats as weed eaters for about 14 years, is working to expand the industry and get more goat producers involved in Canada. The practice is currently much more common in Europe and the United States. “It’s environmentally friendly,” he argues. “They’re telling me it’s cheaper than herbicides, they do just as good if not a better job, and it’s just good for the environment.”Advertisementlast_img read more